Former Teacher Turned Author Publishes Second Book

At a very young age, Lela Atwood Peterson set a life goal for herself. Long before she even entered first grade, she had her sights set on being a teacher. There was no kindergarten in the part of North Dakota where Lela grew up so when her siblings shuffled off to the one room country…
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At Home And Happy In 1620 Smith Town

If you are like me, as you prepare this year’s Thanksgiving feast, you are holding dear the memories of Thanksgivings past. Many of my reminiscences have to do with our grandchildren around our dining room table. How they love turkey and dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy, green bean casserole, corn from the garden and pumpkin,…
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Women’s Pregnancy Center Hosts Duck Dynasty Duo

Lisa Robertson has taken Psalm 107 to heart. Especially the first few words of the second verse which she interprets as: Let the redeemed tell their story. “And that’s what I’m doing,” says a saved Lisa. Nearly 700 people listened to Lisa, and her husband Al, the beardless first born of the infamous Phil and…
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Remembering My One And Only Sister

Lori The memory is as clear to me as if this is happening as we speak. I am a new first-grader in a big room in an even bigger brick schoolhouse in the tiny town of Russell, N.D. I miss my mom. I miss home. My sadness has reduced me to tears. My teacher has…
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What A Wonderful World

I’ve taken the liberty of writing my own verses to Louis Armstrong’s signature song. I don’t think ole Satchmo would mind. Melody’s the same, only the lyrics have been changed. Let’s sing: I see skies of blue, waters of teal White sandy beaches, seagulls squawking for a meal And I think to myself, what a…
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