Hometown Ties That Bind

Maybe it’s the soaked-in-lye lutefisk. Or, it could be that eating salty, fermented cabbage makes a man live a long and healthy life. Gordon Smette was born to a German mother and a Norwegian father, so naturally, he was brought up on the choice cuisine of his parents. To this day, he loves both lutefisk…
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A Sweet And Tasty Way To Bring The Easter Story To Life

Many of us have already colored our Easter eggs – pretty spring pastels of blues, greens, yellows, pinks and patterns. Because of no snow, some of us will have Easter egg hunts in our own backyards or take part in hunts around town. When all that is said and done, there’s another fun project you…
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Who Was Dotty Dunn?

Last summer I was drawn to an estate sale in a big old beautiful home on Chestnut Street in Grand Forks. Drawn because I knew and thought the world of the late ladies who had lived there for decades – siblings Helny and Edna Ohnstad. I came home that day with three pieces of Helny’s…
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New Season

A New Season – Another Great Duck Dynasty Book

The beauty shop I go to isn’t a library, but the other day I went for a haircut and came home with a book. A really really good book. The shop I go to isn’t an art gallery either, although it resembles one. Every five weeks or so, you’ll find me spending more than an…
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Not Your Father’s Steak

The more I mature (sneaky way of saying “age”), the more I find myself absolutely loving the foods my mother and my five aunts and uncles ate a ton of as children around their farm family table. As I was coming up, I didn’t always care for what their mom (my grandma) had for supper…
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