Time To Do It All Over Again

Most Octobers, my thoughts and writings focus on fall, the most nostalgic time of year for me. With that season comes the raking of leaves, the cleaning of flower beds, the emptying of geranium pots, the pulling up of tomato plants and the covering of outdoor furniture and air conditioner.

It’s sad to see summer on the deck with family and friends come to an end, our termination sealed by the putting to bed of the Mustang convertible and the 1950 Dodge Coronet.

All the while I’m battening down the hatches in anticipation of winter, I wonder if, God willing, the time will come when we’ll get to do spring and summer all over again.

Well, it appears that God is willing as the season of rebirth and renewal has returned. Spring has sprung and the cycle of new life has begun once again.

What a precious gift.

For me, this time of newness and renewal, rebirth and replanting, the resurgence and revitalization of such things as perennials, goes hand in hand with the resurrection of Jesus. On Good Friday, after giving His life for us, He is laid to rest in the tomb. Then on Easter Sunday morning we celebrate His resurrection, the very foundation of Christianity.

Source: By Noël Coypel – http://www.1st-art-gallery.com/Noel-Coypel/The-Resurrection-Of-Christ,-1700.html, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=8811059

Easter Sunday reminds Christians of our heavenly calling to be His hands and feet during our time here on earth. It reminds us that the door to a relationship with God through Jesus His resurrected Son – is and forever will be – wide open.


Let me assure you, I do not mind winter and I am not a snowbird. I enjoy shoveling snow and keeping the sidewalks and slab slick and clean then coming in for coziness and the gift of time around a crackling fire. Never mind that the warmth comes from a gas fireplace.

Let me also assure you, that I am always SO ready for spring.

Bring it on!

In no time at all, I’m confident the wrens will return to build a nest in the hollow of the clothesline’s crossbar. I do love my clothesline. In fact, so do my neighbor ladies whom I invite to use at any time. Nothing like crawling into bed on sheets that have blown in the wind.

My yellow Trek Cruiser hasn’t been to the Ski and Bike Shop yet for its spring tune-up, but that may not be necessary. It’s riding like a Palomino and I’m my way to hours of peddling the bike paths of East Grand Forks and Grand Forks.

Lately as I’ve been riding I’ve seen a V-formation of geese heading north. My eyes are constantly searching the wild blue yonder near the river for an American Eagle. I hope the ones I saw last year over the Red Lake River are still around to delight me again.

I am so eager for spring that I stopped by All Season’s Garden Center and Floral last week just to whet my spring time blooming appetite. The green houses are a vast sea of healthy looking bedding plants that soon will grow by leaps and bounds. I already have my eye on the hanging bag of American Beauty Rose impatiens I want for our mailbox.

All Seasons’ stunning blooming hydrangea not only took my breath away, they literally transplanted me back to my grandmother’s flower beds on her farm. She was famous for her most beautiful pink and blue hydrangea. Thoughts of her go hand-in-hand with spring.

We may have a few chilly days yet in April, but that’s OK, We know our fourth month won’t let us down. Named for the Latin word ‘aprilis,’ April means ”open,” as in when the earth opens for the growth of Spring.

So you see, glory hallelujah, the time has come and we do get to do it all over again.

Before we dig in, though, here’s wishing you all a blessed Easter.

Until soon