A Springtime Scrumptious Brunch Is Calling!

If you aren’t doing anything April 1, and even if you are, why not take a break and go for a springtime ride through the beautiful Minnesota countryside.

That Saturday morning, give yourself plenty of time to head out of East Grand Forks on Highway 220 North. About eight miles out, there’s a bend in the road. At that bend, turn left onto Highway 22 and stay on that road for about 4 miles. Soon beautiful Kongsvinger Lutheran Church will appear on your right.

And that, my friends, is your destination. Be there by 10 a.m.

The actual address is 15950 470th Avenue N.W., Oslo, Minn., but it’s not far out of East Grand Forks. So easy, so pleasurable the journey, so worth your while.

Awaiting you is a Spring Tea/Brunch that the women of Kongsvinger are hosting as a benefit for the Women’s Pregnancy Center of Grand Forks. I speak from experience when I say I’ve tasted and seen the works of these cooks. You will thoroughly enjoy their various egg bakes, sweet breads, fruits, juice and coffee.


Then you’ll have the privilege of hearing Jill Chandler, executive director of the WPC, tell how her staff and volunteer team are meeting the needs of young women and men who are experiencing unplanned situations such as pregnancy and/or sexually transmitted diseases.

There is always good news if you look for it and what is happening at WPC is that this faith-based non-profit organization is thriving because of the generosity of local supporters.

You can be a part of that success as all monies from a free-will offering will go to WPC. There is no cost for the brunch.

There is something you must do, however. Besides setting aside your Saturday morning for this purpose, you are asked to R.S.V.P. byMonday, March 27. You can do that by calling (218) 773-8137 or E-mailing: kongsvinger@kongsvingerchurch.org.

It’s important to register so the cooks will prepare enough food. You wouldn’t want to be left with no egg bake for your plate.

Anyone who is fortunate enough to have grown up attending a country church will love to visit Kongsvinger in its beautiful rural setting.

I know because I did, and I do!

Until Soon