A Sweet Trio — God, Girlfriends & Chocolate

The long serving table was heavy laden with hors d’oeuvres and desserts divine. After picking up our wedge of veggie pizza, chips, sauce and baby sausages, we speared chunks of strawberries, pineapple and angel cake with fondue sticks and poked them into the free fall of warm, satiny chocolate flowing from a fountain. Not yet to the end of the food line, there was a huge assortment of desserts to choose from.

Mini massages and paraffin wax hand treatments were offered and the room was filled with the wonderful music of Anna Larson and Roxanne Hagen. Finally, a talk by Gaye Lindfors, author and speaker from Vadnais Heights, Minn., put “Ladies Night,” over the top.

Char Holy, who chairs the Compassion in Action group at Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, East Grand Forks, said this was their first time hosting an event such as this. As an observer and participant, I say, right down to the round tables covered with lace, it could not have been improved upon.

When I heard about this night whose theme was, “God, Girlfriends and Chocolate,” I knew I wanted to go. It sounded like something I needed. Then LoAnn Stallmo, my friend and neighbor called, and invited me as it was taking place at her church.

So there I was on Thursday night, in a room with a hundred or so other women. Arriving, I knew many, leaving I knew even more.

For starters, Roxanne and Anna played and sang a song titled, “Chocolate.” It’s always so good to see Roxanne. She was my two sons’ first music teacher at the former Crestwood Elementary School. She’s on the right below.

This was my first meeting of Anna, who is marketing director at Good Samaritan Heritage Grove. She has the voice and the aura of an angel.

Their first song, “Chocolate,” is from 1989 and written by Kirby Shaw. Wish I could, but I can’t include word-for-word lyrics because of copyright laws. I will say this: the song speaks of the many faces of chocolate, which we now hear is good for us. An example: mousse, Rocky Road, Black Forest, a Chip, a Kiss, M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces.

Speaker Gaye Lindfors was born and raised in Climax, Minn., the daughter of Joyce and the late George Nornes. Check out her website: Gaye@SignificantSolutionsInc.com.

Gaye broke down her theme, “God, Girlfriends and Chocolate,” for us. That’s also the title of her book.

In a nutshell her message is: God gives us our hope when we search for and find Him in His word, when we lock arms with our girlfriends, they give us encouragement, and the chocolate in our lives is all the good things going on around us which we oftentimes don’t stop to savor: our health, our work, our leisure time, our families, the sunshine, the rain, spring, flowers, riding bike on our beautiful paths.

Gaye stressed that we may have things we keep even from our girlfriends, but “we have no secrets from God.” Things that keep us from living a chocolate filled life are: not forgiving ourselves for things that happened in the past, not trusting God for the future and not living in the present. “If I’m not trusting God for the future,” she said. “I’m saying I’m smarter than He is.”

She also spoke of two sure ways to destroy a friendship: One she coined, “compare-i-tis. We lose sight of our own worth when we compare ourselves to someone else,” Gaye stated. The other way of destroying a friendship is through gossip. Gossip not only hurts the one gossiped about, but in the end the one spreading it.

Gaye also spoke about fear. “There is enough bad stuff going on that we don’t need to create our own fear,” she said. “Jesus never worried. He just trusted God.”

There were lots of door prizes including potted flowers, and Roxanne and Anna capped off our evening with the song, “In the Sweet By and By,” They moved many, including me, to tears.

To Char Holy and the Compassion in Action group I say with gratefulness, kuddos and Hershey kisses to you!

Until Soon