Would You Look At That?

There are a bunch of volunteers who faithfully return to our backyard each and every summer. I don’t know exactly when all this began, but it must now be nearing a decade.

My thesaurus says a volunteer is an unpaid helper. I watch and I wait for these helpers to show up even though they don’t do a blessed thing but sit there and look gorgeous.

And my oh my do they help me all summer long as they lift my spirits to the heavens and keep them there until the first frost.

My volunteers are from the plant family. They are my moss roses.

I planted a few in the large back bed years ago, but totally on their own they reseed themselves each spring.

I ran into my buddy Al Okins the other day who with his wife, Rosie, formerly owned East Grand Forks Floral. Al knows his flowers and he told me that when flowers reseed themselves and bloom again and again, they are referred to as volunteers.

I glory in my moss roses as does my entire family right down to the grandchildren. In reds, oranges, magentas and yellows, these blooms are a lovely feast for our eyes as we feast on something from the grill on the deck.

Lo and behold, now they’ve surprised me again.

I stopped in my tracks the other day as I walked along the back sidewalk. There in the midst of a beautiful bed of alyssum is a moss rose poking its yellow head through the white and lavender lace.

I had not noticed this moss rose growing there before and now it was bursting forth in bloom. How it found its way from the back bed up to the house – only a bird’s beak or the wind knows.

This is the first year I’ve planted alyssum, a very versatile, dainty and dense edging plant, along the back sidewalk. It’s continuously delicious fragrance is even more captivating now that a little yellow face smiles at those who inhale as they walk by.

Nature is so intriguing

Until Soon