Name That Cake!

As mentioned in my last post, I’ve been weeding within the house while putting things back in order following the installation of new carpeting. Whether you are in your rich Red River Valley dirt garden or flower bed or filtering to find things to cut down on the clutter in your closets, weeding is a tedious job. But, it can also be fun and rewarding.

I found something that probably was played at a bridal shower I attended. It’s pretty clever and I must have thought it was a keeper. This little quiz is about all different kinds of cake.
I love cake – doesn’t matter what kind. I just love cake — preferably without frosting. One of our sons likes pie more than cake. For his birthday he doesn’t want a cake, he wants a pie.
Not me.
How bout we play, “Name That Cake?
Here goes:
1. This cake shows your age.
2. This cake is a monkey’s favorite.
3. This cake is heavenly.
4. This cake is a big flop.
5. This cake is loved by mice.
6. This cake is found on the breakfast table.
7. This cake goes well with a saucer.
8. This cake is always on the calendar.
9. This cake weighs a lot.
10. This cake is very bad.
11. This cake is found in bed.
12. This cake is a baby’s game.
13. This cake is light and transparent.
14. This cake is preferred by rabbits.
15. This cake is on the beach.
16. This cake is rock hard.
17. This cake has no backbone.
18. This cake is decaffeinated.
19. This cake is scratchy.
20. This cake is soft and crimson.
21. This cake is a term of endearment.
22. This cake is used to wash the car.
23. It takes a man and a woman to cut this cake.
And the bonus question.
24. If something is easy it is a .   .   .   .   .   .   .
Do you think you got them all right? Here are the answers so you can check:
1. Birthday
2. Banana
3. Angel Food
4. Upside Down
5. Cheese
6. Pancake
7. Cupcake
8. Date
9. Pound
10. Devils Food
11. Sheet
12. Patty Cake
13. Chiffon
14. Carrot
15. Crab
16. Marble
17. Yellow
18. Coffee
19. Scratch
20. Red Velvet
21. Babycakes
22. Sponge
23. Wedding
Hope you had fun playing this little cake game. Have a great pre-Fourth of July weekend. Stay safe.
Until Soon