10 + 4 + Riverside Christian = A Classic Combo

Fourteen is such a good number. That’s how many were in my high school graduating class in Newburg, N.D. back in . . . . . Don’t even want to think about that.

This year, Riverside Christian School, East Grand Forks, graduated 14 eighth graders, the largest eighth grade class in the school’s 30 year history.

Here they are all dressed up in the t-shirts that represent the high schools they’ll attend in the fall:

Front row, left to right: Grace Dahlen, Mikailah Corum, Ella Dostal, Karley Rygg, Tessa Chandler, Faith Ritchie, Olivia Dukes, Brooke Chine

Back row, left to right: Jacob Klug, Alex Hoeger, Jonah Hale, Riley Folson, Timothy Johnson and Joseph Schindler.

The students wrote testimonies of what attending RCS meant to them. Here’s Faith Ritchie’s:

It has been great attending RCS for all these years. The teachers really get to know you so it’s kind of like a family there. In middle school they really prepare you to be spiritually ready and Biblically aware for high school and the future. My classes have helped me to understand what is going on in the world and have expanded my worldview. I have appreciated being able to pray and be prayed for in class on a daily basis. I’m really going to miss that.

Faith continues:

I really enjoyed working on projects and presentations for classes. Presenting to the class helped me to work on my public speaking and has given me confidence. Going over current events in the classroom each day really opens a person’s eyes on how important a Christian worldview is. It is sad to hear about all these things and to know that so many people are lost. I am so thankful to have gone to RCS and to have been taught by all the wonderful teachers there. It really is a blessing and I am so grateful.

It’s not only the students who love attending RCS. Faith’s mother, Susan Ritchie, has her own thoughts about it:

“I just want to say how much I appreciate how the teachers not only educate our children and give them the spiritual tools necessary in life, but they also partner with us for a quality education,” Susan said. “I appreciate how they would recognize if something was not right with my child and they would pray with her, comfort and encourage her, sometimes discipline her, and always helped her to strive for excellence.

“There is prayer going on all the time at RCS for the kids,” Susan continues, “whether it was teachers and faculty praying or groups or intercessors that come to pray. Now that my daughter is going to a public high school, I realize just how valuable that prayer has been to our family. How can you put a price tag on all of that? I can’t be in a chapel service without crying. The presence of the Lord is so strong there and seeing the kids worshipping together is so beautiful. I’m thankful that we get to do it all again in the fall when our second daughter begins kindergarten at RCS.”

RCS also graduated several kindergarteners during a cap and gown ceremony. Members of that class are:

Sheigh Panos, Elijah Wellumson, Noah Isakson, Kailah Liang, Conlin Royer, Noah Walsh, Brooklyn Fuller, Jacob Chine, Marit Seeger and James Fewster.

Here’s wishing all these students a super and safe summer plus, for the new ninth graders, a beautiful transition into public school this fall.

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  1. myron friez

    I seen you have written some entries for Grand forks nd gospel sing.
    I am wondering Is there a Grand Forks ND gospel sing for 2013? Who are the singers?
    I travel to grand forks every one for that occasion for the last 5 years. I am from fargo nd.

    Looking for your reply!!

    1. Sorry for the delay in answering your comment. The Gospel music sing in Grand Forks has always been held in July but I do believe there was no such event this year. Hopefully it will begin again in 2014. Thanks for commenting.

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