Chef Jeff Is Cookin’ Good!

It doesn’t get much better than this: A gourmet dinner cooked by the master chef himself, Jeff Tiedeman, brought to our home in a fancy Dutch oven and served to us at our very own dining room table.

Mikasa – come forth from the hutch!

At a January 2012 benefit for Kevin Grinde at the Knights of Columbus in Grand Forks, my husband Jim and I were the highest silent auction bidders on a Chef Jeff dinner. Jeff is former food editor at the Grand Forks Herald. Kevin, former managing editor, had a liver transplant in October of 2011. We all prayed for him and kept abreast of his recovery on his “Liver and Onions,” blog.

For more years than I can remember, Jeff, who recently retired from the Herald, Kevin, and I had a close working bond as we all graced the newsroom of the Grand Forks Herald. I think we are friends forever and I’m very thankful that Kevin is doing GREAT!!

Trying to find a date to hold this dinner was – well – interesting. The plan was to invite Kevin and his wife, Sarah, to join us for dessert.

The next part of this epic is so cute.

Jeff and I set the day for May 10 and Jim and I eagerly anticipated it because Jeff was going to fix pheasant from his freezer. He’s not only a fabulous cook and canner, he’s a hunter as well. Along with the pheasant, he was going to make wild rice. We didn’t know what else but we did know there would be dessert and that all would be delicious. Not only that, Kevin and Sarah were free that night to join us for dessert.

Well, about 4:30 p.m. on Friday, May 3, Jeff called. He was kind of wondering why I hadn’t called him to see how, “things were going.”

He said, “Naomi, isn’t this the day for the dinner?” I said, “No. It’s next Friday, May 10.” He bellowed an agonizing, “Oh No,” which made me wonder if he had dropped his Dutch oven on his toe.

I asked if he had all the food prepared – a week early.

“Yes,” he said, still groaning. Not only that (we know behind every good man is a good woman) Jeff’s wife Therese had made a lovely lettuce salad. They had scrumptious squash and a mouth-watering rhubarb dessert all ready to bring over.

Well, we had nothing planned for that night so I told Jeff to sit tight. I would call the other couple who was to join us to see if they could make it. Turns out they could and by 6:45 p.m., we were all seated at our dining room table enjoying a royal feast. The only downside was that Kevin and Sarah couldn’t join us for dessert, a week early, so we’ll do that another night and hopefully soon.

There’s a Bible verse in Romans which says, “all things work together for good to those who love God.”

We all do, and they definitely did.

Until Soon

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  1. Joanne Brennan

    Great story! Prayers and best wishes to Kevin and family (when one in the family hurts, all in the family hurt), I really miss “Chef Jeff” — my best to him as well. And to Ruby Girl — I so enjoy your writings! Please keep using your gift, and blessing all of us readers and fans.

  2. Naomi

    Thanks for your comment Joanne. I truly appreciate hearing from you. And thanks for being a faithful reader. Naomi

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