Everyone Loves A Skit

I’ve been there and done this and I can tell you it’s a wonderfully delicious event.

A few years ago, Riverside Christian School, began featuring its students in a yearly dinner theater production. The students are gracious hosts meeting and greeting you at the door. They escort you to the dinner table, wait on you hand and foot, and after they serve the meal they take the stage. It all comes together for a great evening of fun, fellowship and inspiration.

This year’s event is Friday and Saturday night, May 3 and 4, in the school at 610 Second Avenue N.E., East Grand Forks. I’m sorry to say Friday night is sold out, but there still are tickets available for Saturday night. You can get them at the school or at the Christian Bookshelf in the Grand Cities Mall.

Riverside, with an enrollment of 148, is blessed to have many wonderful instructors. One of them is music teacher Krisha Fuller. It’s amazing what she brings forth from her students not only in song but in enthusiasm.

This time around their theater production is titled, “Skits.” That’s short for: Serving others, sharing Kindness, doing things In Him, Trusting God and Surrendering it all.

I know those who attend will leave with a song on their lips and a heart uplifted.

On the menu for the dinner part of the evening is: French dip with Au Jus, a spring salad, kettle chips, dessert and beverage all for $25. For more information call: (218) 773-1770

Established in 1981, Riverside Christian School is a non-denominational, parent supported school which currently includes:

– 3 yr old and 4 yr old pre-school programs
– ½ day kindergarten
– Grades 1-8
– afternoon childcare
– after school and before school programs

RCS meets all standards prescribed by the Minnesota Department of Public Instruction and offers those subjects commonly taught at the kindergarten, elementary and middle school levels.

The school is staffed by qualified teachers and is a member of the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).

The academic programs of RCS are only a part of its educational process. The school presents a Bible centered philosophy of education that places Christ at the center of all things.

You’ll see that’s evident in “Skits.”

Until Soon

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  1. Walter Kamphoefner

    Saw this 2010 post while looking for a song I heard my mother sing–only once:
    “Then I recalled the time I sang, “The Bird’s Return,” at a school music festival in Bottineau, N.D. I have to give you all three verses of this song because several species found in our area are mentioned:
    All the birds are here again with their happy voices; etc.”
    I recongnized it because I knew the German original, but didn’t knlw till then that it had been translated. I wonder where you got it from; don’t believe it was from the “Golden Book” because I grew up with that too, and almost know it by heart. Think it might have been in a Lutheran children’s song book, but any clues you could give me would be appreciated.

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