Hey! You’re Treading On My Turf

My mom used to say you could take a stool out to the garden, sit down and watch the asparagus grow. According to her, that’s how fast the spears shot up. I never did try that experiment but I think the asparagus has met its match and then some.

Just came back from an afternoon bike ride and this is what I encountered on what I call the “two mile ring,” which lies just below the VFW Arena on the point in East Grand Forks. Red Lake River water was out of its banks and over the path this morning when I rode but it has risen drastically since then.

As I stood at the edge I announced to the Red Lake that it was treading on my turf. I’m sure it cares not!

The song, “Detour, there’s a muddy road ahead,” went through my mind. But I couldn’t detour. I had to back track.

The water will soon fill the meadow in the middle of the ring and cover the path on the other side as well — probably by sundown. It will be a while before I on my yellow Trek can do the “two mile ring,” again.

Today is the type of day that makes you almost forget winter ever existed. The sky is as blue as blue can be, I am seeing not “a robin,” but flocks of them in the trees and the eagle is back, or maybe it never left.

Yesterday, a beautiful American eagle flew above me on part of my ride like he was leading the way and I was to follow. It hovered over the path for a time, then would fly ahead, back track and fly over me again.

I’m sure it was welcoming me back outdoors and I wonder if this is the same one my granddaughter, Grace, and I spotted last summer. Maybe he even remembered me talking to him last year.

From now on, my camera will be in my basket and one day, hopefully, I can capture the eagle, too, with the blue sky in the background.

Until Soon