Tonight’s A Rusty Chords Night

There’s music in the air the second Friday evening of every month in the lobby of the Heart Institute of North Dakota.

Check your calendar. That’s tonight.

The strains of wonderful Southern Gospel music will soar throughout the spacious lobby.

This trio calls itself The Rusty Chords, but their voices are far from corroded. Instead, their intonation is like polished brass.

Marilyn Lee, Reynolds, N.D., who recently retired from the medical records department at Altru; Cecil Malme, a Shelly, Minn., farmer, and Dr. Noah Chelliah, a Grand Forks cardiologist, will begin their concert tonight at 7:30 at 1191 S. Columbia Road

They’ve been singing together a long time and now have released another album. Titled, “Jesus Will Outshine Them All,” the song on the album with that name is dedicated to Marilyn’s late mother, Alice Janzen.

The songs are all very beautiful. My favorite just may be Noah’s solo, “Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter.”

The CDs sell for $12.

To book a Rusty Chords concert call: Marilyn at (218) 791-8108; Noah at (701)780-2000; or Cecil (218) 886-8488.

Until Soon

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    I attended a concert in Walhalla, ND last spring, and really enjoyed it.
    I am very interested in the musical equipment that Dr. Chelliah used for his
    concert. I sang in a gospel quartet for over 20 years. Our group disbanded
    last fall and now I am looking to move into another phase of gospel music.
    If you would have any advice for me, I surely could use it. Not many people
    are willing to step out and take a chance but I would like to continue singing.
    Thank you,
    Sid Brandt

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