Don’t Be Deceived, Bamboozled Or Snookered


Chris Rosebrough

During the first year of their marriage, Chris Rosebrough and his wife found themselves caught up in a religious cult. Their story is an example of how God can make good come from bad.

“The Lord was very gracious to us through His word and with the help of church friends we were able to come to our senses,” Chris said by phone from his home near Indianapolis. “When you go through something like that it creates a crisis of trust. That led me into more of an in depth physical study of God’s word and also led me to reach out to begin doing work to help other people caught up in religious cults.”

Chris hosts a two-hour per weekday internet radio ministry known as ‘Fighting for the Faith’ – He describes it as a “discernment ministry,” where he comments and critiques the teachings and practices of contemporary Christianity in light of historic-Reformation theology.

I have listened to Chris online. He uses satire and wit to communicate foundational Biblical doctrine in ways that are both educational and entertaining.

Chris also is the founder of the web-based Pirate Christian Radio: which is a radio network based on historic Lutheran Reformation understanding of the Bible. He holds a degree in Religious Studies and Biblical Language from Concordia University, Irvine, Ca.; a master’s degree in business administration from Pepperdine University, and he’s the author of the websites: and

In March of 2012, Chris presented a seminar at Kongsvinger Lutheran Church, north of East Grand Forks between East Grand Forks and Olso, Minn. “He was very well received by an audience comprised of individuals from diverse denominational backgrounds,” said Don Mathsen, a member of Kongsvinger. “Attendees came from within a 250 miles radius.”

An even larger group is expected this Saturday, March 23, when Chris returns to Kongsvinger for an all day seminar titled, “How to Not Be Deceived, Bamboozled or Snookered by Religious Hucksters, Snake Oil Conmen or Your Own Idolatrous Notions.”

The seminar will focus on the importance of sound Biblical teaching in today’s church where many popular themes and doctrines have strayed from historic Christianity.

The focus of “Fighting for the Faith,” changed when Chris became aware that some of the same Bible techniques used by religious cults were being used by Christian pastors.

“You had an army of Christian pastors who were making the same errors as religious cult leaders so I changed the focus from reaching out to cultists to reaching out to people in the American Evangelical movement to teach them how to properly understand God’s word. With the decaying of western society and collapsing of many of the organized religions this has become something of the Wild West. There’s no doctrinal accountability. People are able to draw a crowd to themselves as they are wrongly handling God’s words. I help them learn how to listen to someone who is twisting God’s word. My purpose is to help people understand the tools I use and the tools used by sound Christians so they can employ these tools themselves and not be deceived by false teachers and their own false ideas.”

Chris’ seminar at Kongsvinger is free and open to the public. A free-will offering will be received for Pirate Christian Radio.

Kongsvinger is located at 15950 470th Avenue N.W., Rural Oslo, Minn. To register by Tuesday, March 19 if possible call: (218) 773-8137 or email:

Doors will open at 9 a.m. on Saturday. The seminar begins at 9:30 a.m. and ends at 3 p.m. A noon lunch will be served.

For more information call Don Mathsen at: 218-779-8131.

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