Meet Zoe

Sometimes it’s hard to tell where Zoe ends and her favorite naptime throw begins. Both blonds have dense curly locks and are soft, warm and cuddly.

On a recent trip to the Twin Cities I snapped Zoe’s photo as she snoozed in her family’s sun room on the cushioned wicker couch. It was a given because her coat so resembles the coverlet.

Zoe is one of my three grand dogs and truth be known, my favorite because she’s petite and so embraceable. How she loves to be loved.

My other two grand dogs are sweet as well, but Golden Retrievers. It’s better if I sit in their laps rather than they in mine.

Zoe is a Cavachon, a cross between the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Bichon Frise. Our son and daughter-in-law and their children adopted her from a Fargo pet store.

I have always loved dogs. Our first, when I was a child on the farm, was some type of blond Terrier. He never did have a real name but so happily came running when we simply called, “Here Pup.”

My second dog liked to run down our tree-lined driveway when she heard a vehicle on the gravel road. It was something we could not break her of and sadly she met her waterloo beneath the wheels of a pickup. I was so devastated that my mom and dad let me get another dog almost right away.

I’ll never forget the first night that dog was under our roof. Its whimpering for its mom and siblings broke my heart so I brought her cardboard box to my bedroom closet where the light remained on all night. She quieted right down and went to sleep. I know she sensed she was no longer alone and that I was nearby in my bed.

Because I was so into Trixie Belden books at the time, I named that dog Trixie.

When our sons were young, we also had dogs in our home. Each was a Trixie.

Our last Trixie was the last dog in this house.

A beautiful black and wavy-haired Cocker-mix, we adopted her in the 1980s from the Grand Forks Humane Society. This Trixie was so very adorable. She would stand on her back legs and beg for food. She was so well-behaved that she would walk to the edge of the yard and sit down to watch the boys amble down the street on their way to the former Crestwood Elementary School.

Never would she leave the yard. She didn’t wear a watch on her paw, but she always knew what time it was.

At the end of each day she would go to that very spot in the yard, sit down and wait and watch for the boys to return from school.

Then came the blow!

Our last Trixie never had been sick a day in her life. When a parvovirus scare emerged, veterinarians advised people to have their dogs vaccinated. Parvo is a common and potentially serious viral disease in dogs.

So we made sure Trixie had her shot.

Turns out she responded to that shot like some elderly people do to a flu shot. She died from it right in our living room while we were at work.

Our family was crushed.

We and our two sons never will forget that Trixie. It’s amazing how often she re-enters our family time conversations. There has never been or ever could be another Trixie to take her place!

So it is, that whenever we are in the homes of Zoe and Moses and Autumn, we shower them with love and hugs. Yes, Zoe, you can sit in my lap. Moses and Autumn – well you’ll just have to sit beside my chair to receive your strokes of love.

Until Soon

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  1. Dan and Lucy McDougall

    Arlene was truly blessed to call you her friend and we are too!! Thank you for sharing your gift words and your heart of love with so many. God bless you today and always!!! Mac and Lucy

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