Missed It By Six!

We didn’t quite beat out Ernie the Angler but that’s OK. Two hours never have passed more quickly and I enjoyed every minute. I wore my “Kiss the Cook,” apron and even though I was not the cook, I did get one kiss and a few hugs.

Last Friday night it was my privilege to serve fish fillets to 830 people at Sacred Heart’s Lenten fish fry. The week before, The Angler Guy served 836. That’s the record for this year so far, but there are three more Friday nights to go.

Before the flood gates opened for those who patiently snaked around the line, my camera and I stopped by the kitchen where football and wrestling students were busy as beavers. I snapped a photo of three teen boys who paused from breading fillets to give me a smile.

Left to right they are Junior Tony Mangino, Sophomore Brandon Kassa and Junior Ethan Jung.

I also stopped at the fryers to capture the smiling faces of dads and moms and coaches and athletic directors who help out each week.

From left to right they are: Greg Stocker, Mary Kowalski, Pat Phaneuf, Scott Stocker and John Stocker.

It’s such fun to see so many familiar faces in the crowd. The people one doesn’t know are equally as friendly. From the oldest grandpa and grandma to the very youngest tyke, everyone is as generous with their “pleases” and “thank yous” as they are with their smiles.

Here I am putting fillets on Father Larry Delany’s plate. He’ll do the same for me on March 22.

Other servers coming up are: Ryan Bakken, March 8, and Molly Thorvilson, March 15.

I say a heartfelt “thank you,” to Sacred Heart for again inviting me to host one of the Lenten fish fries. They go on for six weeks, but it seems in no time at all they are but a memory.

Until Soon