The Fish Will Be Fryin’ On Friday Night

I have set a goal but only you, my readers, can reach it for me.

I need more than 840 people to go through the line at Sacred Heart’s Lenten fish fry between 5 and 7 p.m. Friday (March 1). That will top the 836 who were served last Friday when Ernie the Angler was disher-upper. The week before that, Chef Jeff served 717.

You should know there’s a bit of competition among the hosts and those numbers are beatable, right?

Once again, I was thrilled when Pat Phaneuf, Sacred Heart’s athletic director, called and invited me to be Fish Fry No. 3’s guest host and server.

Judging by the crowds, going to a Sacred Heart fish fry is the thing to do on a Friday evening during Lent. It’s where friends and neighbors and people from across town and out of town gather, socialize and laugh while they break bread together.

Proceeds from the fish fries are earmarked for Sacred Heart’s athletic department. Students and their parents representing all the school’s teams are very gracious and friendly waiters. They make sure your water glass is always full as well as your coffee cup. And they remove your plate when you are through and scrape your crumbs from the tables to prepare for others who are coming with full plates.

A sea of friendly faces fill the overflow dining areas as they enjoy absolutely delicious food: generous fillets of fish, baked potato, Cole slaw, bread and butter.

Cost of the meal is $9 and if you want to top it off with a piece of scrumptious homemade pie, that’s a dollar extra. Last week I chose a slice of strawberry/blueberry and I never wanted it to end.

Nobody can do just one fry. They continue until March 22 and once you go to your first, you are “hooked” and you wait with “baited” breath for the next one to roll around (puns intended).

I’m totally amazed by how mouth-watering the food is, all prepared by the people of Sacred Heart right in their kitchen. They’ll even provide takeout meals if need be.

Don’t be concerned about the hundreds of people who come. There are two lines and they move rapidly.

Last year Pat supplied me with a green apron. It was very nice, but this year I’m wearing one of my own and will tie it on just before 5 p.m. (Friday). I’ll be ready for all of you when you arrive.

Be sure to check out my apron. There’s a message there. I encourage you to read it and then feel free to . . . . .

Until Soon

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  1. Dave

    Suddenly very hungry for fish. Talked to my wife and we’ll be there. Hopefully 838 others will too!

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