Larry The Neighbor Guy Parted The White Sea For Me

What I saw stopped me in my tracks. Someone had plowed a wide path through the deep snow in our backyard. Now I can once again roll our garbage and recycling receptacles around to the front sidewalk. Since I came to this earth in size: peanut, and since our latest snows, only a high jumper could have done that.

Hallelujah! No more carting those green machines down the alley to a side street.

Larry Page, the best neighbor one could ask for, has parted this sea for me other years, but I felt it wouldn’t have been him this time as he’s having health issues.

So later that night I called his daughter, Terri, across the street intending to thank her husband, Craig, who is another really good Joe.

“You know who that was?” Terri said proudly. “That was my dad!”

Larry the Neighbor Guy

Currently on a break from chemotherapy, Larry has felt better this week so he snapped to it on his Snapper and pulled a sneaky when I wasn’t looking.

When I got Larry on the phone he asked, “What did I do wrong now?”

“Not a thing,” I said. “What you did was so nice and so very sweet. Thank you. Thank you.”

When I added that I hoped he hadn’t overdone it, he answered. “That doesn’t play me out at all.” He also told Terri, “it felt so good to be useful.”

While Karen, Larry’s wife of more than 50 years kept the home fires burning, Larry and Terri recently took a trip to the West Coast to visit his sisters, Gen and Carol. They also had precious family moments with Larry and Karen’s sons, Troy, Todd (and Carla) plus several grandchildren. I hear those grandkids had lots of good snuggling time with grandpa.

On one side trip, Larry and sons Troy and Todd went to Vancouver, B.C., to visit the tunnel project where Todd is safety engineer. Larry can now boast that he’s been to underground tunnel construction sites in three countries: China, Canada and the good ole USA.

Larry is to begin chemo again this week. Even though you may not know him, please pray for him – that God would keep him strong through treatment and bring him to a full recovery.

Heaven knows – there will be more White Seas to part and if I know Larry, he’ll “Git-R-Done.”

Until Soon

3 Responses

  1. Carla Page

    Dear Naomi:
    Once again you put a smile on my face and brought tears to my eyes. I loved the way you described Larry’s actions. He is definitely a great man ( maybe I’m a little bias for being “his favorite daughter-in-law” ) but I love him also like a dad. His recent visit to Washington was so nice ,we spent wonderful quality time and my girls and Troy’s definitely had a great time with him. We hope to see them again in July for the Page Family Reunion and I look forward to seeing you and Jim as well.

  2. wally and dorothy Radi

    It was soooo good to hear about our neighborhood. Glad to hear you are doing well and that Larry, Karen, Terri, and Craig are as well. A moment of home is always nice. Thank you
    Let Jim know I will be looking forward to his hug when we get home. We miss you both. It is always comforting to look across the street and see your lights in the window even if we don’t visit
    that often.
    Your in our thoughts and prayers,

  3. Mary Bies

    What a lovely article. Larry Page is a big teddy bear and the sweetest man I know. Prayers and hugs tohis family.

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