I Finally Bit The Bullet

Being an avid bicyclist during our beautiful summer months, I groan with desire every time I see someone on a bike when there’s snow on the ground. That’s how much I miss it and I declare, “I need to be out there.”

I have spotted several riders this winter. One day someone on DeMers Avenue pedaled westward even as a blizzard raged. That, I confess, I didn’t envy. I’m sure that wasn’t pleasant for this gentleman but it may have been his only mode of transportation and so I commend him.

Sunday after church and after brunch with friends, I donned three more layers over my Cuddle Duds, put on my boots, hats and mittens, rolled the Trek out of the garage and took off for the trails near me. After all, the sun was shining and it was 23 above. What more does one need?

It was exhilarating! I found that riding on a bit of snow gives you traction which makes you feel more secure than when you are on ice.

I have this thing, you see, to be able to brag to Southerners who think we live in the tundra, that you can ride your bike every month in Minnesota and North Dakota. I did that last year and plan to do it again in 2013.

I did ride in January and now I’ve done a bit in February on my way to meet or exceed the 3,000 miles I rode in 2012. I stopped at 3,000 because my motto became: “I don’t want to do more this year than I can out-do next year.”

I had a lovely ride. Met up again with a fellow I’ve met many times over the years who walks the nicest dogs. “You’re getting a jump start this year,” he called out as I rolled by.” I called back, “Oh yes, I have to be able to say I’ve ridden in February.”

“That’s awesome,” he said.

And it was simply beautiful to hear the squeals of children I saw sledding down the hills with their dads.

This is the new Trek Cruiser Jim bought me for my birthday last July. It’s a gem just like my ruby birthstone. I had 1,400 miles on my old Schwinn before I retired it by its tires to the garage rafters and set out on this new Trek.

I’m ready!

Miles – accumulate!

Snow – dissipate

Until Soon