Bringing Back A Family Tradition

As I shopped for Christmas gift giving this year I tried very hard to buy locally. For the most part I was successful.

But after going to every store in town that sells toys and games and not finding one thing I was looking for, I turned in desperation to the internet as I had my heart set on something and I wasn’t about to give up.

It was a Chinese Checker game with a pleasing-to-the-eye wooden board.

I didn’t want tin and I didn’t want tiny. I wanted prettiness and substance and largeness and by golly I found it in a 15-inch solid oak board distributed by TSCToys out of Chino, Ca.

This gift was for our one and only grandson, Ethan. Within minutes of his unwrapping it, he and his sister Elyn, their two cousins Amelia and Grace and this grandma had selected the color marbles we wanted and our first game began in the living room. The middle of the board became quite conjested with that many playing and in the end Amelia won the first game. After that someone — or two — or four were at Chinese Checker board almost all the time.

Elyn and Ethan planning their strategies

I played this game for hours and hours with my dad as I was growing up and playing with my grandchildren brought back wonderful memories. I don’t know why I waited so long to bring this great sport back into the family. The grownups like it as much as the kids.

It was pretty hard to see the board and the marbles pack up and go home with Ethan. But you can be assured we’ll be playing lots of Chinese checkers when we go to his house.

Until Soon