We’re Crying From Our Depths

 I feel I must write to all of you tonight.

 I can’t even begin to put into words how sorrowful I am or tell you how many tears I have shed today over the precious little innocent children who were gunned down in Connecticut this morning. I can’t talk about it without practically sobbing so I couldn’t even call my sons. I had to txt them to tell them to grab my grandchildren and keep them close. I would imagine this is very hard on Elyn and that she is getting some counseling tonight because a while back when there was a school shooting somewhere she was extremely bothered and scared and didn’t want to go to school. We wonder — when will this ever ever stop, whatever little thing can we do besides pray? We have to do a lot of that. Are you ever like me — wondering where in the world is God at times like this? Why doesn’t He prevent this sort of thing from happening? Sometimes I’m not so glad He gave us free will.

 I think the guy on Fox News who was in Newtown, Conn., covering the story during the 6 o’clock hour said it best when he said, “at 9:30 this morning, the devil showed up here.” Most of the media never speak of the devil or of sin these days. I commend those who do.

 When I came to my computer earlier I found I had received the following prayer from very dear friends who live in Colorado. I graduated from high school in Newburg, N.D., with the guy and his wife also has been a good friend ever since they married.

 The prayer is below.  

 “Out of the depths we cry to you O Lord

Psalm 130

God of gentleness,

 We commend to you all who grieve at the violence today against a school and its most vulnerable members, children. Words are beyond us. Except maybe this, that the Prince of Peace remained the Prince of Peace though the violence against him also was brutal, and like those children and staff, led to death.

 May your church be a place of safety for all and also a place where people are marked by the peace of Christ.


 Readers: Please cry to the Lord from your depths for those in Connecticut and for our entire country. Only God can heal our land.

 Until Soon

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  1. Laurie

    Thank you so much for this article. I think you speak for many of us if not all. It has been a horrible time to think about. I can’t imagine what these people are going through. I too believe that only God can heal our land.

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