Christ The King Free Lutheran Church Celebrates 25 Years

When asked about his parishioners, the words roll off the Rev. Sam Wellumson’s tongue as if he were speaking from the pulpit during one of his great Sunday morning sermons.

His people are devoted, dedicated and committed Christians who also are “a very friendly and generous bunch,” he said. “They are always willing to give and they are very caring. I have been so blessed. When we got here my wife, Sarah, and I just felt we were at home.”

Fresh from seminary, Pastor Wellumson has served and felt “at home,” at Christ the King Free Lutheran Church in East Grand Forks for coming up on three years. He has yet another adjective to describe the 160 souls who make up the membership.

“They have a lot of spunk,” he adds. “It’s kind of amazing. It was such a short time from when they started meeting together (at the former Regency Inn) to when they actually broke ground. There was a lot of growth and a lot of dedication and they moved very quickly forward. The members basically built the building themselves. They did almost all the work putting the building together and paid for it very quickly.”

This Sunday (Sept. 16, 2012), charter members, new members and those who have joined over the years will mark Christ the King’s 25th anniversary. The celebration worship service, with Pastor Sam delivering the message, begins at 10:30 a.m.

Special music will be provided by The King’s Quartet: Roger Smith, Steve Gander, John Rieth and the Rev. Gary Jorgenson, a former pastor who now serves a church in Brainerd, Minn.

Individual memories will be shared by original and new members as well as Rev. Jorgenson and former interim pastors the Rev. Richard Gunderson and the Rev. Walt Beaman.

The song the choir will sing at this celebratory service pretty much captures the theme of the day: “Come Christians Join to Sing/We Have Come to Worship Him.”

For a friendly, generous, caring, and yes even spunky membership and their guests will be there – to sing and to worship God with hearts overflowing with gratefulness for their 25 years of blessings from above.

Al’s Grill and Catering will serve a meal following the service.

Christ the King is located at 1913 Third Ave. N.E., in East Grand Forks. If you have questions call: (218) 773-2357.

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