Meet My Kermit

Most likely it’s only a meteorologist or a hydrologist who would know that technically they’re referred to as “udometers,” or “pluviometers,” or “ombrometers.”

We know them simply as a “rain gauge,” and ever since I can remember I’ve been obsessed with them. I always want to know how much or how little rain we’ve received right here at home and on our lawn. That probably began for me when I was growing up on the land when my farming parents considered rain a beautiful gift from heaven.

We’ve had a couple rain gauges down through the years but nothing like my new/old one. It’s not only accurate, but charming and endearing as it sits on our deck table.

When we were in Tennessee in June, the people who live next door to brother-in-law and sister-in-law, Nathan and Geneva, were having a rummage sale. We popped over to check it out and the first thing that caught my eye was this froggy rain gauge. It’s a colorful ceramic type material with not a chip or nick anywhere.

I call him, my little Kermit and he cost me a $2 bill.

Perched on a rock, Kermit is bright green with bulging black, white and yellow eyes. He wears a big bewildered sort of grin and sports a reddish bow around his neck. There’s a look on his face that seems to ask, “Should I open my blue umbrella?” A white butterfly sits on the spiral of wire that holds the beaker which measures rain in inches and centimeters.

My little Kermit makes my day, every day, especially when he lets me know we’ve had a half inch or an inch “gift from heaven.”

Until Soon