Cross Pendants Bind Them Together

In my Saturday (May 12) In the Spirit column, I wrote about the passing of Natalie Wavra and her prayer group that she sustained and who sustained her during her nine year struggle with breast cancer. Theirs was and remains a remarkable story of faith, family and friendship.

Natalie died in July of 2011, but her memory will always be a part of the group that misses her so much. 

There’s a little more to the story that didn’t make the print edition of the Herald and I’d like to also share that with you here.

Last October, Natalie’s husband, Mike Wavra gave everyone in Natalie’s prayer group a Badman Design cross like the one Natalie and her twin sister, Michelle, had exchanged.

The following message from Mike accompanied his gift:

“I want each of you to know how special you were to Natalie and how much she treasured your friendships. Friendships are forged throughout one’s life. Some start at a very young age, some through the family you’re born into and through classmates. But the ones that last until you are older or that are formed when you are older are very special. These are the ones that come about or continue after a person has grown through life experiences and know the type of person they want to truly consider a friend. The friendships each of you had with Natalie are this special.

I want to give each of you a gift that has special meaning. Natalie had this double cross made for her (twin) sister, Michelle, and Michelle had the same one made for Natalie. A symbol of two people joined together in Christ our Lord. Natalie was buried with her necklace on and the double cross is etched into the back of the marker at her grave site.

May each of you have this same cross to remind you of the special friendship you had with Natalie and continue to have with each other; a friendship in Christ. For when you can talk about Christ and pray to our Lord with a friend, one is truly blessed. The friendship will not end with death, but will continue on in eternal life. God bless each and every one of you, Natalie’s friends.”

It was a honor and a humbling experience for me to tell Natalie’s story.

Until Soon