Find Yourself A Date And Go To Cinderella’s Ball!

CROOKSTON – My sweet young friend, Kathryn Erickson, is the most poised, proper and polite young lady you’d ever want to meet – in real life.

And on stage, she’s the cutest little klutz in the world. She trips over her own feet and takes a tumble or two. One minute she’s as bossy as a drill sergeant and the next she’s singing a beautiful song.

Kathryn, a senior, is Stepsister Portia, in Crookston High School’s spring musical “Cinderella,” playing this weekend.

Kathryn is on the right and Cyrina Ostgaard, left, is Stepsister Joy.

You should not miss this spring musical. The curtain goes up at 7:30 tonight (Friday), Saturday and Sunday (April 13-15). Tickets are $10 for adults and $8 for students and children.

The acting and vocals by every single cast member is flawless. The costumes are fancy and elaborate and I can just imagine how much fun they are to wear.

My friend, Marlys and I, drove to Crookston Thursday morning to see the final dress rehearsal. The music and the comedy stayed with us all the way home. Especially these lyrics: “Do I love you because you’re beautiful? Or are you beautiful because I love you?” sung back and forth between Keaton Limper, Prince Charming, and Kailey Mykleseth, who is so perfect as Cinderella.   

 That’s Cinderella standing behind the table. On either side of Stepsisters Portia and Joy is Abby Wilder, their stepmother.

Other cast members are: McKaela Larson, Fairy Godmother; Katelyn Stegman, Queen; Bryan Sanchez, King; Mitchel Wright, Herald; Brandon Johnson, Chef; Joseph Hollcraft, Steward; Justin Burgoz, Captain of the Guard, and Lucas Butler, Footman.

Playing the townspeople are: Sotonye Afonya, Rosa Argueta, Madison Crane, Mariah Frisk, Karl Gillette, Kristin Goosen, Mercades Haglund, Naomi Henry, Mickayla Johnson, Alina Noyes, Allison Reinhart and Averi Thompson.

Emma Dufault, Gabi Ostgaard, Addy Peck and Jasmine Powers are on sound and lights. Diane Erickson is a super accompanist through all 180 some pages of musical notes. Directors are Beth Carlson and Joyce Johnson.

Everyone taking part seems to be having the time of their lives. Watching them is pure joy and chattting with them in the receiving line afterwards is delightful. What a super bunch of kids!

You’ve got three nights to pick from. Don’t let “Cinderella,” pass you by.

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