An Easter Oval

Ever since the flood wall went up at the end of our street, some of us have wondered, “What’s with those blank ovals?”

Every so often there’s a huge oval just sitting in the midst of the bricks and mortar. Is there some sort of design planned for that space? Will there be murals painted there to remind us of the Flood of 1997?

It’s coming up on 15 years since the flood. The protective wall went up some years later. And the ovals? They just sit there, a lifeless dull gray bare spot.

Until the other day when one got lucky!

A few people from the neighborhood grew tired of the gray and became exceedingly creative. It all began when a mom and dad went to an oval with a tub of sidewalk chalk.

And they began to draw.

Youngsters biking or walking by stopped to see what was going on. You know how children love art projects. Well, pretty soon several of them wanted to help so they picked up chalk.

The oval suddenly became swathed in the loveliest shades of pastel spring. Why it resembles a delicately decorated Easter egg with flowers and grass and words. It even brought a smile to the face of the uniform officer passing by in a patrol car.

Here’s what the neighborhood artists fashioned quite beautifully.

The message says it all!

Happy Easter!

Until Soon