Ladies And Gentlemen — We Have Lost Our Instruments

I returned last week from the National Century 21 Real Estate Convention in New Orleans. My husband is the Realtor but I enjoy these events every bit as much as he does. I can say that even after attending at least 30 over the past 30 years in various cities in America.

This was our third trip to New Orleans and it’s a fantastic city to visit. I have stories and photos to share but today I want to start at the beginning as in – our trip down.

We flew out of Minneapolis and after only 20 minutes in the air, the captain came on saying, “Ladies and gentlemen, we have lost our instruments. We are turning around and going back to Minneapolis.”

Sort of unsettling!

I looked out the window and all I could see was what the TV screen looks like when the cable goes out. I knew not whether it was clouds or fog and after some time had passed, I mentioned to Jim, “I don’t feel the airplane turning around.”

I think one should be able to feel such things, but it’s amazing how turning can be done so discreetly that it’s not even noticeable.

Apparently we had turned and 20 minutes later we landed again in Minneapolis. This time when we looked out the window we saw red – as in fire trucks all around ready to turn on the hoses if need be.

Unsettling? Indeed!

Thankfully no flames had erupted from the instrument panel and the fire trucks weren’t needed. We de-planed and were told that either that plane would be repaired or we’d get on another plane. I prayed for a different plane which was exactly what we got one hour later.

Then it was off to our next stop, Memphis, where we had a 2 ½ layover which allowed plenty of time for a Corky’s barbecue. When in Memphis one must have a Corky’s. Or two.

Now I must tell you that this flying took place on Friday, March 2, the day all those tornadoes were happening in Kentucky and Tennessee and Indiana. We watched the destruction on the airport television sets.

As we were being summoned to board in Memphis I stopped at the desk to ask if they were sure we should be flying. Were there tornadoes threatening Louisiana? Just so happened the pilot was there. His response: “Oh, we’ll be going through the line and we’ll have bumps.”


Bumps? We had not only bumps, but bounces and wallops that lasted way to long for me. I was down in my seat as far as I could go and praying hard.

But, we arrived safely and I live to tell about New Orleans.


Meet me back here then. 

Until Soon

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  1. stormchaser

    Glad you’re safe! If that happened to me, I’d never get on a plane again. Still might not….. 🙂

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