Known As The Rusty Chords, Their Vocals Are Far From Corroded

Going to see Dr. Chelliah had never been this much fun! But then we weren’t going to have Jim’s ticker checked. We were going to hear the doctor sing with Marilyn Lee and Cecil Malme.

The three are known as The Rusty Chords Trio but I’d say their vocals are far from corroded.

Noah Chelliah, Marilyn Lee, Cecil Malme

Dr. Noah Chelliah has been Jim’s cardiologist longer than he’s been a Rusty Chord so when we got wind of their concert to take place in the spacious waiting room of the Heart Institute of North Dakota, Grand Forks, we were there with bells on.

The concert was last Friday evening and what a great hour it was of Southern Gospel Style music, the very genre Jim grew up on and one I also enjoy.

Due to popular demand, The Rusty Chords have begun a new schedule of music ministry in Grand Forks. All through 2012 (except for March) they will give a free gospel music concert at 7:30 p.m. the second Friday of each month at 1191 South Columbia Road.

The reason March is out is because the trio will be doing a concert in Arizona that weekend.

The Rusty Chords Trio has 300 songs in its repertoire and will not reuse any of those songs during their monthly concerts in Grand Forks. The acoustics in the Heart Institutes’ waiting room are terrific and it’s a delightful place for a concert. Last Friday night nearly all the chairs were filled and afterwards we enjoyed apple cider and healthy snacks.

Dr. Chelliah has a pretty fancy PA system. It was designed by the internationally known inventor, Bob Carver, an American designer of audio equipment who is based in the Pacific Northwest.

Through that fabulous sound system we heard three remarkable voices sing 17 beautiful Gospel songs. Two were the songs of Bill Gaither: “Because He Lives,” and “The Longer I Serve Him.”

Among others on the program were: “In My Heart There Rings a Melody,” “Farther Long,” “I Come to The Garden Alone,” “On the Jericho Road,” “Did You Think to Pray?” and “When He Calls Me.”

Through their music the Rusty Chords Trio loves to minister to others of the love of Jesus and you can see pure joy and sincerity on their faces as they do. They have been together for five years and have performed throughout the United States and Canada

Marilyn, who sings lead and harmony, works in the medical records department at Altru Hospital. She is married to a farmer and they live near Reynolds, N.D. Marilyn has been singing since she was a small child and has recorded several CDs of her music.

Cecil Malme is a farmer and talented gospel singer from Shelly, Minn. He has been a radio announcer for more than 30 years and plays gospel songs on the radio on Sunday mornings. He also has recorded and released several CDs. He has a beautiful baritone voice and most of the time sings lead.

Dr. Chelliah has been providing cardiac care for patients with heart disease in the Greater Grand Forks area for 29 years. He is president of the Heart Institute of North Dakota, a private cardiology clinic that he opened in 1999. Besides singing, Noah also plays piano, organ and guitar and he manages a Christian FM radio station (KOBT 101.3 FM) in Grand Forks that is on the air 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Rusty Chords Trio will present its next free concert at 7:30 Friday, Feb. 10. Sounds to me like a mighty fine night for a Valentine date where God’s love and as well as Cupid’s will abound.

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  1. Carol Flickinger

    Our Savior’s Lutheran Church in Page, North Dakota have a yearly Harvest Fest in the fall. We would like the Rusty Chords to be a part of the program along with the Sunday School children who will be singing first.We would like you to sing for about 40 minutes.
    The dates we are wondering about are October 20th or October 13th. It would be at 10:30 AM. Would either of these dates work for you? There will be a dinner served after the service, so hope you can stay and join us. We are also wondering what your cost is and also the charge for your mileage
    If you can make it, please bring your CD’s with you for sale. Do you have any posters that we ;could put up to advertise?
    Please let me know at your convenience.
    I am a cousin of Cecil. Thank You.

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