Postcards From The Pointe

First of all, let me explain the headline. I live in an area of East Grand Forks known as the “Pointe,” and this morning I sent out a fistful of postcards.

Nathan, my brother-in-law in Jackson, Tenn., has a thing about traveling. He flat doesn’t do it! He won’t drive farther than 100 miles from home.

When we left his house last week, I told him traveling is so easy. All he has to do is throw what he needs in a duffel bag and take off. The duffel bag fits in the overhead bin. No checking baggage at the airport and no waiting for it at the carousel. I also told him if he can’t get what he feels he’ll need in a duffel bag, then and only then, is it OK to stay home.

He listens not!

I also told Nathan that from now on when I travel, I’m going to send him a postcard. His and Geneva’s was one that went out this morning. I told them this card was coming from an exotic place called, “Home.”

I wanted to thank them again for their wonderful Southern hospitality. Thank you postcards also went out to the others who gave us a bed and fed us so well on our trip to Missouri and Tennessee.

Nathan’s card was the “You’re so Special,” one. He is, even though he won’t travel!

I love these postcards. I get them at the Christian Bookshelf in the Grand Cities Mall and periodically send them to my grandchildren. They cost 40 cents, need a 29 cent stamp and provide a great way to let the ones I love know that – from a distance – I’m thinking of them. I’m told they “light up the sky,” when our grandchildren pull them from the mailbox.

Each card has a Bible verse and vivid cartoonish (or real life) images of sweet animals that bring a smile when you see them. How could they not?

Don’t you wish these puppies were yours?

We used to have a basset grand dog that looked just like this one. Henry’s in doggy heaven now.

I close with the one below encouraging you to enjoy the day, chilly as it is. Enjoy every day because each definitely is a gift from God.

 Until Soon