Arm Twist Leads To Stroke Of Luck

He didn’t want to, but I persisted. Or should I say, “Insisted.”

In late June I saw that Valley Dairy Convenience Stores and Cass Clay were sponsoring their second annual milk mustache contest at one of the Valley Dairy locations in Grand Forks. Four bicycles were to be given away to the winners.

Since my husband, Jim, has a pretty neat patch of salt-and-pepper fluff under his nose, I encouraged him to enter. He would rather not, thank you very much!

I kept prodding because I’m not one to give up easily.

Two days in a row Jim thought he’d dodged a bullet when the contest was postponed because of threatening black and rolling clouds. Then – on the third day – it was beautifully sunny and calm. The contest would indeed take place.

Jim showed up at the new Valley Dairy store way out on 47th Street for the contest, although when he got home he tried to tell me he’d forgotten all about it. He, however, cannot fib with a straight face and admitted – yes, he’d gone and done a number on his mustache and his picture was snapped.

Jim and his milk mustache

We didn’t hear anything for several days. Then one afternoon he called home saying, “guess who’s got the best milk mustache in town?”

That’s right – Jim was one of the winners of a shiny new blue one-speed Schwinn bicycle with white side-wall tires. It’s a beauty and he loves riding all through the neighborhood.

Jim with his shiny new bike

Tressa, who works in Valley Dairy’s main office, supplied me with the names of the others who had award winning milk mustaches: a girl named Dakota and a boy named Zachary, both 5, won the children’s bikes and a woman named Jenna won the other adult bicycle.

Along with their bikes, the winners received a free helmet donated by Safe Kids Grand Forks and Altru Health System. Thanks Cass Clay, Valley Dairy, Safe Kids and Altru for giving us extra summer fun.

There’s a moral to this story: Husbands – listen to your wives. Sometimes we’re smarter than your average bear!

Until Soon

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