A Colorful Day Brightener

If I need a quick pick-me-up on a summer day like today, I just walk out to my back yard. There I am greeted by the smiling bright reds, oranges, yellows, purples and pinks of my Moss Roses.

My mother passed on her love of these gorgeous flowers to me and I have them because of her.

I read the Moss Rose is an “annual” flower but these sweet faces just keep coming back year after year after year, no thanks to me. I guess I must have planted them at some point, but I honestly don’t recall when I did that. I do know it’s been years. Every summer, all by themselves, they return to beautify my raised flower bed on the south side of our garage.

Basically, the only thing I do is NOT clean out the bed in the fall. I leave the vines to be buried under snow the entire winter. Then when everything has dried in the spring I lift and shake the foliage, hoping and praying seeds will spill out onto the ground. I don’t see them tumble out, but apparently they do. I give the ground a good soaking with water and Miracle Grow and then I wait and wait and wait. When I see them poke through, it makes for one happy day.

The Moss Rose is a great ground cover and they are quite intelligent. If it begins to rain, they quickly form an umbrella of sorts by twirling their blossoms into what looks like little pillars. They do the same thing if it gets too hot for them. But on a day like today – blue skies and 80 degrees – they are positively splendid.

Hope they brighten your day as well.

Until Soon

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  1. Janna

    I love your story regading your moss ross garden!!! I love, love, love those flowers as well. Had I known they might possibly come up again, I would not
    have pulled them up late last fall.
    I’ll use your suggestion this year!

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