Following And Swallowing!

Our son, Dean, has done quite a bit of traveling in his day. I guess the farthest away he’s been is Japan. But no matter where he goes, he says the most peaceful place to him, in the entire world, is his old bedroom in East Grand Forks.

He’s in town this week and at our house, but we didn’t give him his old bedroom. It’s ours now, made into the master bedroom with a large added on bathroom. It’s OK though as he’s always just so happy to come home and doesn’t mind sleeping in another guest area. We had pizza on the deck Tuesday evening and among his statements was this: “it’s so good to be here.”

After pizza we had a lovely ride in our 1967 Mustang convertible with a stop for ice cream at Mike’s Pizza. Mike’s is a must when both our sons come home with their families.

Dean and his wife, Jyl, and their daughters, Amelia and Grace, left their Shoreview, Minn., home Tuesday afternoon to embark on a month-long musical ministry tour. At 7 p.m. tonight (Wednesday), they will present a song service in our church, Immanuel Lutheran, 1710 Cherry Street, Grand Forks. Everyone is cordially invited and afterwards please stay for refreshments.

At 7 p.m. Thursday, the four will present their music to residents and guests at Northlands Rescue Mission in downtown Grand Forks.

Amelia recently turned 16, and Grace, one of the Ruby Girls in our family, will be 13 on the 15th of July. Both girls play several instruments: violin, viola, dulcimer, and piano as do their parents who are longtime teachers. And when the four blend their voices, the result is pretty sweet harmony.

This is their second family musical tour. The first was two summers ago. This time their itinerary has broaden and they have 23 stops throughout Minnesota, North Dakota, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, Wyoming and Nebraska. They’ll present their music and message in churches, camps, boys and girls ranches and homeless shelters.

As we sat on the deck Tuesday night and thinking of them being gone from Shoreview for that long, I asked if it was hard for them to leave their home for that long. Jyl’s answer: “We left our house. Our home is where we are.”

They are convinced that this tour is something God is calling them to do. Friends held several send-offs for them and the other night someone gave them their first dashboard saying. It reads:

Where He leads me I will follow. What He feeds me I will swallow.

Faith and trust — what beautiful things to see in your offspring!

Hope to see you tonight at Immanuel.

Until Soon