Realtors: Is There A Market For A Home With An Indoor Pool?

One day last week, I called the home of a good friend and classmate of mine who lives in Minot. He and I grew up on farms a few miles apart near Newburg, N.D., and whenever I think of him, Leon Wedar, I have to chuckle. I guess the first time he ever saw me on the school bus he asked another kid, “who’s that girl with the round face?” 

Well, that was me. And with that ice breaker, Leon and I became good life-long friends.

And so, I wondered how the flood in Minot was treating him and his very sweet wife, Lavonne. When they didn’t answer their phone I worried that it was submerged in water and my friends were among the evacuees. Would they ever hear the message I left saying I was thinking of them?

So to be safe I e-mailed Leon and last night came an answer from him. “We are in the heart of it all,” he said. “My best guess is we have about seven feet of water on the main floor. We were very happy when they lowered the crest some three feet as that would have put the water in our attic. The house would probably have been a total loss. Now we at least have a chance to save it. Time will tell.” 

His house may be submerged, but still his all-time optimism and sense of humor emerged. “We must look on the positive side or we couldn’t get through it,” Leon continued. “The water system is contaminated so we have to boil it before consuming it. I said that’s no problem. I can do that on our stove and not even use a kettle.” 

Leon and Lavonne are watching the water from their son’s high and dry home also in Minot, and, “we are doing just fine,” he said.

Oh my, don’t we of Grand Forks and East Grand Forks remember those days, the days of open homes and open hearts of friends and family who took us in — in our time of need?

Knowing my husband, Jim, is a Realtor, Leon added a postscript to his e-mail with more of his wit.

P.S. “Jim,” he wrote, “do you have a market for a home with an indoor pool?” 

And his closing statement was this: “Thank you so much for thinking about us and please remember us in your prayers.” 

For sure! For sure!

Until Soon