Scotty’s The Man!

I never start watching American Idol when the season is in its infancy. I hold off until the field of contestants is pared down to six or eight and then I’m captivated. For the most part, this television show makes me feel as though I’m connecting with the very heart and soul of my country and its people.

For the most part!

So far this time around I’ve been let down three times. I was just getting to know and appreciate Paul McDonald for his unique Rod Stewart sounding voice, his smile and his stage presence when he was voted off on April 15. Bummer!

And I really liked Casey Abrams, the curly haired red head. I thought he had a sweet personality that matched his voice plus he plays a mean standup bass. Unique! By April 28, Casey also was gone. Both Paul and Casey not only are terrific singers and entertainers but they were such fun to watch.

And through it all, I’ve loved James Durbin. Last week when Ryan Seacrest announced that James was “going home,” my jaw, and I think lots of other jaws, dropped. I was not expecting that and I think he was robbed. I’m not a big fan of “metal” music, but I loved James simply because he’s James. He puts a lot of emotion into his performances despite having Tourette’s and Asperger’s syndrome. Both are debilitating neurological disorders, but James is classified as a “high function,” individual which means his symptoms are mild. He presses on with what he loves and does so well – sing his heart out!

One night a while back, when James stepped out of his “metal” mode and sang a slow, beautiful and romantic love song, I told a friend that I believed he’d won it all that very night. Well, guess others who voted didn’t think so.

Now we’re down to the three finalists –two girls and country singer Scotty McCreery from Garner, N.C. Neither of the girls will get my vote, but that Scotty – the more I see of him the more I like. After last week’s performance a friend who doesn’t like Scotty all that much, or country music for that matter told me, “I sure don’t think Scotty is an American Idol?”

I completely disagree. I believe what America needs is an “idol,” like Scotty. He’s a perfect role model for our young people. So much more so than someone like Lady Gaga who coached the contestants last week. Remember when I said, for the most part American Idol makes me feel as though I’m connecting with the very heart and soul of my country and its people? Well, Lady Gaga disconnects me. If it ever came to this – I’d much rather have my grandchildren hang out with Scotty than Stefani (Gaga’s real name).

Scotty is a 17-year-old All-American boy who loves baseball and probably hotdogs and apple pie. He is a young man of faith. From all indications, his mom and dad, Judy and Michael McCreery brought Scotty up in a Christian home. Last week Scotty sang Alan Jackson’s hit song from 2001, “Where Were You When the World Stopped Turning.” Among the lyrics, “well, I know Jesus and I talk to God.” Randy Jackson, one of the judges said to Scotty afterwards, “with where our world is today, that was the perfect song.”

During one coaching session last week, Lady Gaga told Scotty to envision the microphone as his girlfriend. She went on to say, “That’s your girlfriend and she says to you, ‘if you don’t stick your tongue down my throat, we’re through.’ You keep your mouth on that microphone like your life depends on it…You’ve got to make love to that microphone.”

Later when Scotty was asked about her comments he seemed embarrassed and replied. “I just felt like I needed to kiss my cross and say, ‘Lord this is not my doing.”

Now, wouldn’t you say that’s the kind of role model America needs?

Be sure to watch the three finalists perform Wednesday at 7 on Channel 10. Then Thursday at 7 p.m., we’ll find out who the two finalists are.

I’ll be voting for Scotty.

Until Soon