It’s Eerie!

It’s pretty quiet here on The Point. We who live in these southern neighborhoods like to think of it as the “sharpest” end of East Grand Forks. The good people on the north end probably would dispute that – with good reason. It’s nice over there, too.

My old Schwinn and I were at the Louis Murray Bridge when it closed this morning. I looked at my cell phone and it was exactly 10:12 a.m., on this day, April 12, 2011. I turned around to head back toward the permanent flood wall just as a couple city employees were putting the “road closed,” signs in place and anchoring them with sand bags. The men were friendly and chatty and smiling. They said other city employees would be back in a couple hours to close up the wall.

I have just returned from my fourth ride down there but so far the procedure to put the gates up in the permanent flood wall has not yet begun. I’m curious to see that process.

When I stopped in at Fire Station No 2, a pleasant young fire fighter by the name of Paul Hanson told me it is a very unique four-hour event to watch.

Just now I met another gal on her bike, one walking her little white dog, and two young men just coming off the Frisbee golf course. They said the water is getting too close to play.

Yes, the water is getting too close. Riding in the middle of the street around the curve between the Louis Murray Bridge and the permanent flood wall, I was reminded of that April day in 1997 when we rode this same road through 4 feet of water in the back of a National Guard truck to get off The Point.

Yes, in some parts of The Point, we can ride down the middle of the road. Traffic is light and if it wasn’t so breezy, I do think we could hear a pin drop, in this, the sharpest end of town.

Eerie describes it well! But we know God is watching over us.

Time to head back to the curve to see if the process has begun.

Until Soon