What’ll You Have? Au Gratin Or Au Rotten?

Our son, Troy and his wife Sheri, with Elyn (8) and Ethan (6), came from the Twin Cities to spend part of their spring break with us last week.

Troy and Sheri are coming up on their 11th anniversary so they planned a date night at River Cinema in East Grand Forks. Our whole family loves that place.

First Troy and Sheri saw a movie. Then they dined at Mama Maria’s after which they went to a second movie.

While Jim was preparing dinner here at home, Elyn, Ethan and I walked half a block to play on the earthen dike which has nice thick dry grass on top. It was a safe place to be as the river was far away at that time.

It’s refreshing to know that today’s kids still play the traditional games children have played for decades. Games such as “Simon Says,” and “Red Light Green Light.” We three had an invigorating time in the fresh air as did Zoe, their buff-colored Cava chon who was with us. What a sweet little dog she is!

I had told Elyn and Ethan that we were having “au gratin,” potatoes for supper along with chicken breast, corn and Texas toast. After I’d said “au gratin,” a few times a very concerned look spread across Elyn’s face. Finally she had to ask. She got up close and personal and fairly whispered, “Grandma, are they really rotten?”

Seems every time I said “au gratin,” she was hearing “au rotten.” We sure had a good laugh over that.

After play time we walked back home just as Grandpa was putting our dinner on the table. It was a lively dinner hour with much wonderful conversation. And, wouldn’t you know it? The two little spuds absolutely loved the “au rotten.”

Until Soon