Life Is Never Without Hope!

I’m told he holds nothing back.

Jude McClure, who spent some of his growing up years in Manvel, N.D. when his father, the Rev. Kevin McClure served Trinity Lutheran Church, will be back at Trinity tonight to tell the story of his life’s journey and how God miraculously brought about a total transformation. So much so that Jude is currently studying for the ministry.

His teen years were consumed with alcohol and drug additions. The paths Jude chose took him to places that ordinarily would have taken his life – deep trouble in the Twin Cities and Phoenix and then his geographic escape to Africa. This man is a true-to-life Prodigal Son and his chronicles will offer hope to others that no matter how far a loved one may fall, how hopeless life may seem, there is a God who redeems even those who have fallen into the deepest pits of life.

Members of Trinity Lutheran invite you to hear Jude. They also want to assure you that you will leave the church with special feelings of peace, joy, and the goodness of God.

It all begins at 7 p.m. tonight (Saturday, June 2, 2011) in Trinity Lutheran Church, Manvel, which is just 10 miles north of Grand Forks on I-29.

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