How About A Matinee?

My family loves movies especially when all 10 of us can go together.

I’ll never forget the time I was talking to one of my granddaughters about a movie. I don’t recall its title, but Amelia had seen it with her family and they liked it so much they went out and bought it. She was extremely proud to declare, “We own it.”

As close as I live to River City Cinema in East Grand Forks, I must confess I sometimes miss a good movie when it comes to town and about the time I hear people rave about it, it’s gone. Such was the case with “Letters to God,” the story of an 8-year-old boy and his battle with cancer. They say this one is a “must see,” for all families.

If you’re in my boat and missed it, too, I invite you to take in a matinee with me Sunday afternoon (Jan. 30). At 3 p.m., we’re showing “Letters to God,” in the Fellowship Hall at my church, Immanuel Lutheran, 1710 Cherry Street. My pastor, the Rev. Craig Fenske and his family, saw this movie and liked it so much they bought it. So, as Amelia would say, the Fenskes “own it.”

Pastor Fenske suggests you come armed with a good supply of tissues.

“Letters to God,” is based on a true story about Tyler, who while fighting cancer puts his prayers in the form of letters to God. Tyler sees God as his friend, his teacher and his ultimate pen pal who has written letters to him through His Word, the Bible.

While researching this movie online, I learned that Tyler writes to God every day. He even mails his letters and they fall into the hands of a stressed-out mail carrier who is at a crossroads in his life. At first, the post man is confused and uncertain about what to do with the letters, but the decision he ultimately makes becomes a testament to the gentle strength of Tyler’s unblemished spirit and unwavering faith.

I’m really eager to see “Letters to God,” because someone else’s story can so beautifully offer hope, faith and courage to others who are struggling in their daily lives. And in one way or another, we all struggle. We all could use a little hope!

“Letters to God,” is nearly two hours long and its free; as is the popcorn and other treats.

Hope to see you there.

Until Soon