Like My Shovel? It’s New!

John, my favorite nephew, (I have five favorites) marked another year of life last Friday (Jan. 14). I called to sing “Happy Birthday” to him after which the conversation turned to the weather. It was 65 and sunny in Denver and here, well, it was frigid and the big beautiful flakes were falling yet again.

“Pictures,” John said, “I want pictures.”

This morning he got pictures via e-mail.

“It’s pretty amazing,” he said when we spoke on the phone. “It’s going to just keep piling up.”

Right – and to think – we only have three months of winter to go.

Because I’m a farm girl, “you can do anything,” a friend once told me. That “anything,” includes all the shoveling at our house. We guard Jim’s heart as much as possible.

Over the weekend I scooped a path through the stacked-five-feet-high bank on the deck to a point where I could situate the ladder. I then climbed to the top and raked the snow away from the sewer pipe on the roof. Heaven knows we didn’t want to wake up dead one morning!

Piece of cake – mission accomplished!

I do LOVE to shovel snow, but when the snowplow goes through the alley and leaves a ridge by the garage the size of the Colorado Rockies, we can’t get out. We have to call our “Snow Busters.”

As in Ernie and Chad.

They were here first thing this morning with the Skid Steer and when the job was done, we invited them in for coffee and doughnuts.

Depends on who you talk to, some people love all this snow and some people hate it. I had just gotten off the phone with my friend Jane when Ernie and Chad came in to gather with us at our kitchen table. On the phone Jane had said, “I hope God turns off the (snow) faucet pretty soon.”

When Ernie heard that (remember he’s a snow remover) he looked up and uttered, “Keep it coming. It’s pennies from heaven.”

One of my favorite commercials on TV is this Stanley Johnson guy showing off his beautiful house with swimming pool, his new riding lawn mower and his vehicle. He’s up to his eyeballs in debt and can barely pay his finance charges. But still he smiles and says, “Like my car? It’s new.”

And so, I ask you: Like my shovel? It’s new!

Yup! Got it Saturday at the Home of Economy and I love it. You see, with all my scooping and throwing of snow, my old one bit the dust.

Until Soon

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