Forget The Furniture — Dust Off Your Childhood Dreams!

Someone asked me the other day if I had any hobbies. I do! But let me say right off the bat – dusting isn’t one of them! Jimmy Lee mentioned just last night that it’s getting pretty thick on top of our chest of drawers. If he scrawls his name there then maybe I’ll dust.


Hobbies – yes, I have them.

I just came up from the basement after spending an hour practicing my drums. Playing drums is a delightful hobby of mine. I’m learning something new every week during my lesson with Bernie Thomas. The latest is the “flam.” That is a very distinct sound created by two successive drum strikes made by the two sticks. It’s in essence a way to embellish any given note and play it in a fancier fashion.

I’m finding I like fancy.

Reading and writing also are hobbies of mine. Not so much “rithmetic,” though. I’ve gladly handed over the bore of balancing the checkbook to the dust “Po-leece.” That’s how it sounds in his Tennessee twang.

Next to drumming, reading is probably my second most favored hobby.

On Tuesday, I turned the last page of George W. Bush’s new 580 page book, “Decision Points.” Jim received it for Christmas from one of our sons and daughter-in-law. I do believe I had the first page read before Jim had it all the way out of the red and green “Ho Ho Ho” wrapping paper.

It took me a little over two weeks to finish “Decision Points,” and I thoroughly enjoyed having W. take me to the backyard barbecue where he first set eyes on Laura, into the Texas governor’s mansion and then the Oval Office in Washington, D.C. It was so interesting to read his take on all the issues that shaped the first decade of the twenty-first century. I was enthralled by how W. came to faith and how very close he is to his family and extended family. He writes openly and honestly about his flaws and his accomplishments during his eight years as President of the United States. If any of his non-supporters ever decide to read “Decision Points,” I think they’ll be quite surprised by him.

All the while I was reading George’s book, “Just When I thought I’d Dropped My Last Egg,” was waiting in the wings. This Kathie Lee Gifford book was loaned to me by my sister-in-law, Shirley.

Oh my goodness! I started that one about two minutes after I finished George’s book and I’ll finish it today.

Kathie Lee, who began her career singing gospel music with her sister and then went on to become a popular television personality, writes the kind of book I LOVE to read. It’s chock-full of short stories about her life and her calamities. Everyone, and I do mean everyone, can relate. Sometimes I laugh out loud then run to Jim saying, listen to this.” I read to him what I just read and he laughs with me.

Kathie Lee is a devout Christian who once in a while gets a little off-color but in such a sweet and witty way. She shares her thoughts about marriage, parenthood, friendship, pet peeves and senior moments. I’m in total agreement with her that our quality of life is sustained by our passions. My Ruby Girl Sister, Lori, tells me that everything I do, I do with enormous passion. Can’t help it. It’s just the way God made me! 

Our quality of life, Kathie Lee says, also is sustained by how we express, define and reinvent ourselves at any age, through our work, our interests/hobbies, our friends and our beliefs.

I have a long, skinny wood plaque in my house which reads, “You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.” That very concept is what made me step into the world of drumming in my 60s.

In her book one discovers that this is Kathie Lee’s philosophy as well. She encourages us to “dust off our childhood dreams and pursue them again and then to wake up every morning hoping to learn something new.”

I especially LOVE it when she says to “dust off our childhood dreams,” and REALLY appreciate her not mentioning a thing about dusting our furniture.

But, I suppose, one day I’ll have to take up that hobby, too.

Until Soon

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