United — For A Different Kind Of Christmas Fair


Before you go any farther with your Christmas shopping here’s a little food for thought.

Maybe Aunt Sally doesn’t need another bottle of perfume. She probably uses too much anyway!

And perhaps Uncle Bob already has a closet full of ties. How often does he wear them?

Instead, this year why not hand your favorite aunt and uncle a Christmas card with a note inside that says a monetary gift has been given, in their name, to help a church, a hospital, or a school in Tanzania?

I’ll bet they’d love that.

United Lutheran Church, Grand Forks, is offering shoppers the opportunity to do just that for its sister church in Tanzania that is associated with a school and a hospital.

“We got to thinking,” JoAnn Cory said, “what it would be like if we got the church’s and the school’s wish list and offered people the opportunity to purchase things for them.”

Sunday (Dec. 5) from 11:30 to 2:30, the good people of United will hold an Alternative Christmas Fair.

“In a world where we are so consumed with ‘stuff,’ we are trying to get away from that,” JoAnn added.

Available for purchase are: cleft lip repair and birthing injury surgery, Bibles, backpacks, pencils, sharpeners, a weeks’ worth of food, sports equipment, cows, pigs and more, all to benefit people who are in dire of such things.

There is no charge to get into the Christmas Fair and if you go, take your children with you. They will have fun learning how to make toys just like Tanzanian children do.

That makes the fair sound not only fun but educational.

If you have questions call JoAnn at (701) 772-3445.

Until Soon