What’s The Fridge Doing In The Dining Room?

A refrigerator’s home is the kitchen, right? Well, then, how can this be?

The other morning I opened the freezer door at the top of our refrigerator and it bumped into the crystals hanging from the dining room chandelier. Sure surprised me, but pleasantly, since the sound was like what a breeze does to wind chimes on the deck.

Chink! Ding! Chink! Ding!

What in the world, you wonder? How big is the Dunavan’s refrigerator and how small is their kitchen if the refrigerator’s freezer door can stretch into the dining room?

Allow me to explain how three rooms of furnishings in our house played musical chairs last week:

Our kitchen is a nice size and so is the dining room. That’s a good thing because the refrigerator had to take a time out from the kitchen. It was sent to the dining room via a cart on wheels and placed right near the chandelier. Hence the bumping of the crystals.

There was room for the refrigerator in the dining room because all its’ furniture (table, chairs and two piece hutch) were split up. Some pieces were in the living room and some up in the family room. And right beside the refrigerator, in the dining room, were the freezer and stacked washer and dryer from the utility room.

Such a topsy-turvy house we had. The kitchen curio, credenza and the table and chairs were in the living room. The utility room sink went to the basement as did everything from that room’s closet.

By now you may have guessed that we had new flooring installed in our kitchen, dining and utility rooms. It’s Knight-tile’s Sienna from Burris Carpet Plus in Grand Forks that looks like real wood but actually is a vinyl put down in 4-inch by 36-inch strips. If the dishwasher or clothes washer ever run amok, water will not phase this.

We had everything out of the three rooms except the appliances when installers, Gary and Brian, arrived. What great guys! They pulled up the carpet and padding in the dining room, rolled the appliances in there and proceeded to lay the flooring first in the utility room and then the kitchen. In due time, they put each appliance back in place and then laid the flooring in the dining room.

It fairly floats from room to room to room and looks lovely.

Sprucing up your home is a huge undertaking. Evacuating rooms is a pain in the back, as is putting everything back where it belongs. It took me (Jim went to bed at midnight) a couple 1 a.m. and 2 a.m. nights to get it all done and just tonight, he got the utility room sink up from the basement and back it working order. I can’t even chide him for a leaky faucet. Now we can wash our gardening hands again!

Big job but so worth it I’d do it all over again.

Until Soon