Moon Over Metigoshe

                              Libby and Jameson on their wedding day!

                      Photo by Otis and James Photography, Minot, N.D.

Our room had a walk out patio. That’s where I was after the music had ceased and I had kicked off my shoes. My new black sling-back square-toed pumps had pinched my toes unmercifully, but if there’s music playing, I’m on the dance floor. It’s beyond my blisters how anyone could sit on the sidelines during, “I Knew the Bride When She Used to Rock n’ Roll,” and “Fishin’ in the Dark.”

Ah yes, the patio at Twin Oaks Resort. The coolness of its bricks soothed my tired feet and the harvest moon above, as it cast its glimmer upon the tranquil lake before me, brought my soul to a stand still. How blessed am I, I whispered to the heavens! How blest are we!

It was yet another family time to remember. Extended members came from several states to the wedding of my grand nephew, Jameson Hall, to Libby Issendorf. The ceremony was in the quaint and rustic Metigoshe Lutheran Lakeside Chapel in Lake Metigoshe State Park northeast of Bottineau, N.D. The chapel was two minutes down the road from the resort and between the two were aspen and oak in the process of changing their clothes from green to red and gold.

On wedding weekend, our Twin Cities sons and their families drove to Grand Forks Thursday and on Friday we caravanned to the family farm(s) near Newburg. Even to my late mother’s great grandchildren – the city slicker kids – this place is heaven on earth.

So many fun things to do:
• Like flying with Chuck who piloted his family up from Cheyenne, Wyo., in a Cessna 182 Skylane. He and our son, Troy, went up Saturday morning and buzzed the two farms. It was very early and some of us ran out in our PJs to wave.
• Like bouncing in the bed of a Ford F150 through a bumpy pasture to see the buffalo Mike is raising. The babies are so adorable you want to get one in the truck bed with you.
• Like riding in the cabs of the combines and watching the swaths being eaten by an auger. 
• Like sitting around and eating pecan, pumpkin and peach pie together.
• Like discovering wonderful friends, Perry Mattson (Grand Forks) and Brent Mattson (Minot) not only are in that neck of the woods hunting but miraculously sitting on Brother David’s (and Margaret’s) deck.
• And for one little girl, my Ruby Grace granddaughter (she and I are Ruby Girls because we were born in July and the ruby is our birthstone) experiencing the epitome of it all: getting to drive the four wheeler “all by herself,” an entire mile, from one farm to the other. She was so gleeful I thought she’d burst.

All this and we hadn’t even cleaned up for the wedding yet.

The wedding was wonderful. The beautiful bride, Libby, is the daughter of good friends, Tom and Mary Issendorf. The handsome groom is the son of my nephew Mike and Tammy Hall. The Halls and the Issendorfs have a friendship that goes way back, beginning with my late parents, Freda and LeRoy Hall, and Tom’s late parents, Elmer and Ellen Issendorf. I like to think those two couples, whose farms were about five miles apart, are now playing whist around an orange card table in heaven.

The Rev. Carol Wendel, who has served Metigoshe Lutheran Lakeside Chapel for 17 years, had a wonderful message for Libby and Jameson. For all of us, actually.

She talked about it being a good day, a day to be celebrated and enjoyed but that not every day would be like their wedding day. There would be down times. During the not-so-good times, it would be important for Libby and Jameson to remember ‘who’ and ‘whose’ they are as baptized children of God. She also talked about how they lived their lives, as husband and wife, would be a witness to the world.

After a delicious wedding feast, it was time to dance.

What warms my heart the most, I believe, is seeing how the generations in our family so enjoy one another that they will drive hundreds of miles to get to these family events. Younger and a bit older second and third girl cousins, five of them in a circle, dancing their socks off throughout the night. Siblings who attend colleges around the country enjoying their time together on the dance floor. Nobody wants the weekend to end and it never really will. It will live on in the photos.

To top the weekend off, Sunday morning we drove back to my home country church for the baptism of Chuck and Chris’s new baby boy, Nathaniel Thomas Hall. Nathaniel is the fourth generation in our family to be baptized at Bethlehem. Nate’s big brother, Zach, 2, was a handsome little ring bearer at the wedding. And Nate’s cousins, Alena (a princess of a flower girl) and Anna, watched the baptism with big wide blue eyes.

Quite a weekend it was. The pain from my pinched dancing toes is gone, but not the thoughts that crossed my mind on the patio that overlooks Lake Metigoshe in the moonlight. How blessed I am, I whisper to the heavens! How blessed are we!

Until Soon

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  1. Hello Ruby Girl!

    Sounds like a wonderful time. Thank you for sharing the joy you find in the simple things in life – family, friends and God’s creation. Blest we are!

    Your friend in Christ,

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