Going From Here To There And Back Again

Good Monday Morning,

Well, we haven’t been to Valley Fair, but we have been on a scary roller coaster. The up and down and the wrenching around has only confirmed the fact that I much prefer the gentle journey one takes on a carousel.

In the last five weeks, my husband has had three angiograms, a couple of angioplasties and three or four more little tubes called “stents” threaded into his coronary arteries. At one point we were told the stent record is 15. We believe Jim now has a grand total of 16. The need for them became necessary six years after his 1997 quadruple bypass surgery.

This latest bout began here at Altru Hospital and drifted on down to Abbott-Northwestern in Minneapolis. We joyfully returned home last Friday (Aug. 27). All seems well with Jim for which we are extremely thankful to God and now we press on.

Today I have tomatoes to can, green beans to freeze and a Schwinn to ride, but let me quickly tell you this: No, we didn’t get to Valley Fair, but we did manage to work some fun into the fray. I saw two Minnesota Twins games and Jim was able to see one.

I’ve heard people rave about Target Field and now I share their sentiments. Being there you just know, beyond the shadow of a doubt, there is nothing more American than baseball, Mom and apple pie.

On Saturday afternoon, Aug. 21, with my son Troy, whose favorite pie is my apple, I saw the Twins play the Los Angeles Angels – and beat them I might add.

We were gifted with two tickets in a diamond box situated just up and between home and first base. We had such a wonderful time – just the two of us – eating kettle corn – and Ok, I’ll admit it, I let him buy me a beer.

I’m ALWAYS moved by the singing of The National Anthem, but this presentation was over the top.

As the soloist sang, “and the rockets’ red glare,” three whistling fireworks rockets crisscrossed each other over the field. And thunderous fireworks booms rang out as accompaniment to “the bombs bursting in air.”

When it was all said and done, I was covered with goose bumps and my eyes were misty.
On the way home Troy and I heard on the radio that the crowd that day was the largest yet for Target Field. I was honored to help make it that way.

Then Sunday, Aug. 22, we all saw the Twins lose to the LA Angels in an evening game. This time the National Anthem, sung by a group, was equally impressive. Just before the seventh inning stretch and the singing of, “Take me out to the ball game,” a men’s barbershop chorus sang, “God Bless America.” I should say the chorus led the singing because we and all those around us sang it as well.

The sky line over Target Field is adorned with tall buildings and as the sun goes down, it’s a spectacular view made even more so when a huge orange harvest moon shows up and parks itself between two skyscrapers. It almost seemed close though to touch.

There’s something else that’s pretty “all around American.” It’s the hot dog. I had one Sunday night and it was scrumptious!

The last few weeks have been quite a trip. I’m beyond blissful to be home and back to blogging.

Until Soon

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  1. Lorti Duesenberg

    Well done Ruby sister!!!!
    You had a beer?????
    Sounds good and so does the hot dog.
    We are going to Smugalas for pizza tonight…
    Love and Blessings,

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