A Really Dumb Question

I have a question, but first a preface:

My husband, Jim, did a very smart thing when he ordered DVDs of old Dean Martin shows from the 1960s. We have thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed every minute of all five discs and have watched them more than once. It’s quite something to be able to view this wonderful variety of humor with your grandchildren who never have heard of Dean Martin but enjoy it every bit as much and cackle as much as you do. A younger generation needs to know what good humor and fun really can and should be.

I think my favorite clip, one I can’t stop watching, is an episode Dean had with actress/comedian, Goldie Hawn. I love Goldie. The two are sitting and chatting when Dean tells Goldie that whenever he sees her on TV she pretends to be so dumb. Goldie quickly informs Dean that she’s not pretending. "I really am dumb,” she says, giggling gregariously. You can’t help but giggle along.

So, I’m going to pull a Goldie here and ask what is probably a really “dumb” question. Hopefully someone has an answer.

Several times on my evening bike rides I’ve encountered the mosquito spraying truck. It has a unique sound all its own that you can hear several blocks away. Here’s the query: The spray spews forth from the back of the truck and lands completely and totally on the paved street – not anywhere near lawns or berms. What possible good does that do to keep the mosquito count down?

I’m sure there’s a really smart answer for my really dumb question. If Goldie were here I bet she’d want to know, too. 

Until soon