Reading The Russell Sentinel

I have just returned from a fabulous Fourth of July weekend at the family farm near Newburg, N.D. Every gathering, with its nieces and nephews and now grand nieces and nephews is so great you just don’t know how it could get any better. And then, by golly, the next time you get together its better than the last time you got together. Why, it’s enough for the society page of a newspaper – if there was such a thing anymore.

My brother, Myrlin, has been losing himself in old newspaper articles on microfilm at the Bottineau, N.D., library. He’s very interested in news clips about our first hometown of Russell, N.D., which is 2 ½ miles east of the farm. Russell was our town until we lost the post office and the school consolidated with Newburg – five miles away.

In some ways, though, Russell always will be “our town.”

This trip, I, too, was enthralled by one article Myrlin found that was front page news in the Russell Sentinel on May 3, 1907. There was no byline, but this was some writer.

The headline:
Near to death
W. W. Hall has close call to death
Is kicked by a horse and was unconscious when found

The story reads:
W.W. Hall, living just southwest of Russell barely missed losing his life last Sunday evening when he received a kick on the head from a horse which rendered him unconscious.

He had gone to the barn to do the evening chores and while so engaged received the kick. Mrs. Hall was milking and saw the accident. She procured stimulants and succeeded in restoring him to consciousness and getting him into the house.

Dr.Godfrey was called and dressed the wound which is a very ugly one.

The injured man is able to sit up at present and will soon be able to be around again. Had the kick been an inch to one side it would have undoubtedly killed him and if a trifle lower would have resulted in the loss of an eye and Mr. Hall has reason to congratulate himself on his narrow escape.

A peculiar feature of the affair is that his memory of the accident and the events transpiring some time before receiving the kick is a total blank while otherwise his memory is unimpaired.

End of story.

The Mr. Hall in the story is – my grandpa.

In days to come, I’ll share other unique things from the old Russell Sentinel.

Until Soon