10 Marriage Tips

The people at Kristen’s Bridal Shop in Grand Forks tell me that June, July and August remain the most popular months for weddings. Whenever wedding season rolls around I always think about a wedding I went to some years ago that took place in Holy Family Catholic Church.

As soon as the minister started that message, I knew it was a keeper. I scribbled his 10 tips for a healthy, happy, God-filled marriage all over the front and back of the wedding program.

I’ve hung on to it and it doesn’t matter if you’re just getting married or if you’re on your way to forever together, these are excellent reminders.

1. Happiness is an inside job. Don’t expect others to make you happy. Enjoy being who you are.

2. Remember that we all are creatures of mind, heart and body. Keep your bodies healthy. Pay close attention to your heart. Strive to think, and then respond appropriately. Put your mind in gear before you open your mouth.

3. Have good communication. Speak from and listen to your heart. Be honest, open, kind and tactful.

4. Marriage is the beginning of your life together, not the end of your romance.

5. Never yell, unless the house is on fire. Resolve conflicts. Don’t allow them to fester. Marriage is hard. Don’t expect perfection.

6. Value your sexual relationship as highly as you do the God who made you.

7. Be grateful for one another. Don’t take each other for granted. Thank God every day for the wondrous gift of each other.

8. Don’t put anyone or anything before the Lord God and each other. Neglect the whole world before you neglect one another.

9. If your love is genuine, it will cause you to be sensitive to the needy around you.

10. What’s going to keep you together is the Lord. God is not a panic button to push as a last resort. Love Him as genuinely as you love each other and live for each other.

My best wishes to all who walk down the aisle this wedding season.

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  1. Sue

    Beautiful!! Thanks for the advice for why we get married and reminder of why we stay married! Blessings to you!

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