Orchestras In The Air

I just figured out something. I know why we have such long and cold winters in these parts. It’s to make us appreciate springtime all the more.

People around here always are friendly, but even more so when the temperatures are balmy. Lately my two most lovely encounters have been at the gas pump — first while filling the vehicle at Sam’s Club, and then the can for the lawn mower at Orton’s.

People aren’t lamenting the price of petro. Instead they are wallowing in the joy of gardening and grass mowing. It just feels so good to be out in the air without overcoats.

We get giddy, but we aren’t the only ones.

Early this morning as the old Schwinn rolled me through a wooded area on the bike path, I heard an orchestra in the air. It was not at all surprising that two songs from my youth popped up. 

I was reared on tunes from the Golden Book of Favorite Songs. This morning the first song that came to mind with all the orchestration around me was, “There’s Music in the Air.”

There’s music in the air, when the infant morn is nigh
And faint its blush is seen, on the bright and laughing sky.
Many a harp’s ecstatic sound, with its thrill of joy profound.
While we list, enchanted there, to the music in the air.

Then I recalled the time I sang, “The Bird’s Return,” at a school music festival in Bottineau, N.D. I have to give you all three verses of this song because several species found in our area are mentioned:

All the birds are here again with their happy voices; noisy Sparrows, Wren so bright,
Chirp and sign from morn till night, telling us of springs delight, everyone rejoices.

On the ground and in the air, see their colors flashing; Robin dear with breast of red, scratching in the garden bed, Bluebird calling overhead, to and fro they’re dashing.

Thro’ the woods and pastures green, feathered hosts are flying, Meadow Lark with warble gay, Bob-White whistling all the day. Mocking bird in coat of gray, to their calls replying.

If I remember correctly, the judges gave me a “superior,” on music festival day. 

Good memories on such a good day — made so by the orchestras in the air. 

Until soon

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