Rain Rain Go Away


Rain rain go away
We’ll need you later, but not today
There are peas and carrots and peppers to plant
But until you stop, you know, we can’t

Get up, get up you lazy sun
You’ve slept too long, you’ve spoiled our fun
We’ll welcome your smile with open arms
And you’ve got to know, so will our farms

So show your face, your warmth, your power
And, sun, bring things up to their finest hour
Then we will reap what we have sown
And be ever so thankful for what has grown

OK, OK, I’m not a poet, but give me an A for effort!

I bought my garden seeds last night. Pamida had them 20 percent off. When the rain decides to stop, I’m ready.

I was practically brought up in the garden as my mother planted a huge one every summer. But, I hadn’t been involved in gardening for decades – until last year.

One day last spring, a very dear friend said to me, “I don’t know what’s going to happen with the garden. I don’t want to plant it, but I don’t want it to go away.”

Those words were spoken after a tragic accident took her husband. He was the gardener. I said to my friend, “Well, do I have a deal for you. We’ll plant your garden.” And so my husband and I did. And did our garden ever grow.

One day, when the garden was in its prime, we sat in the backyard drinking smoothies with my friend and her 95-year-old parents who are long time North Dakota farmers. I asked her dad what he thought about our garden. His was a one word response. “Spectacular,” he said.

I trust it will be “spectacular,” again this year. I also know (from a verse in I Corinthians) that neither he (or she) who plants and neither he (or she) who waters (with a sprinkler) is anything, but only God who makes things grow.

Happy gardening!

Until soon