What A Wonderful World

I’ve taken the liberty of writing my own verses to Louis Armstrong’s signature song. I don’t think ole Satchmo would mind. Melody’s the same, only the lyrics have been changed. Let’s sing: I see skies of blue, waters of teal White sandy beaches, seagulls squawking for a meal And I think to myself, what a…
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Bye Bye Bernie

You’d think someone’s first lesson would be the most memorable one, but that’s not the way it is with me. My fifth lesson is the one I’ll not forget. The year was 2007 and Scott’s Fine Arts Studio, which was located in downtown Grand Forks and offered various music lessons, gave me the name, Bernie…
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The Return Of Ranka

While we weren’t paying attention, a quarter of a century slipped by between “then” and “now.” Turns out “now,” was every bit as delightful as “then,” had been. Jim and I hoped, but never really knew, if we’d ever see Ranka Ivelja again. We grew very fond of her when she lived with us the…
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The Nest Is Too Soon Empty

Parents are filled with deep emotion and devotion when their children graduate from high school. Thirty years ago this very week, as a Grand Forks Herald Staff Writer, I conveyed to readers the sentiments I was feeling as Dean, the youngest of our two sons, was about to graduate from East Grand Forks Senior High…
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Wise Words From A Mountain, A Lake, A Hummingbird, A Horse And A Ladybug

  I can think of many things I would say to our 2016 high school graduates – words of wisdom if you will – but I’d be hard pressed to compete with advice given by a mountain, a hummingbird, a ladybug, a horse and a lake. Back in April and in the company of very…
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