The Nest Is Too Soon Empty

Parents are filled with deep emotion and devotion when their children graduate from high school. Thirty years ago this very week, as a Grand Forks Herald Staff Writer, I conveyed to readers the sentiments I was feeling as Dean, the youngest of our two sons, was about to graduate from East Grand Forks Senior High…
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Wise Words From A Mountain, A Lake, A Hummingbird, A Horse And A Ladybug

  I can think of many things I would say to our 2016 high school graduates – words of wisdom if you will – but I’d be hard pressed to compete with advice given by a mountain, a hummingbird, a ladybug, a horse and a lake. Back in April and in the company of very…
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A Million Dollar Smile

Before I can bring it on home to East Grand Forks, this story must begin with Lynda, one of my four favorite nieces. A couple weeks ago I had a nice long telephone chat with Lynda, who with her husband Karl, lives in Kankakee, Ill. It’s spring, so naturally this aunt/niece narrative turned to love…
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Hometown Ties That Bind

Maybe it’s the soaked-in-lye lutefisk. Or, it could be that eating salty, fermented cabbage makes a man live a long and healthy life. Gordon Smette was born to a German mother and a Norwegian father, so naturally, he was brought up on the choice cuisine of his parents. To this day, he loves both lutefisk…
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A Sweet And Tasty Way To Bring The Easter Story To Life

Many of us have already colored our Easter eggs – pretty spring pastels of blues, greens, yellows, pinks and patterns. Because of no snow, some of us will have Easter egg hunts in our own backyards or take part in hunts around town. When all that is said and done, there’s another fun project you…
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